It Came From the Internet!

Creepy Dolls Terrorize Patrons in Department Store

Don't get me wrong. I understand some people are creeped out by dolls, but if some little two-foot tall piece of plastic tried chasing me, I'd punt it into next year, then cage it and show it off to friends. Still, most people would shit their pants. Speaking of which...

The CW Launches Digital-Only CW Seed; Premiere of The P.E.T. Squad Files Now Available

CW Seed, the digital-only studio of The CW Network, has launched, and included among their new web series is "The P.E.T. Squad Files," created by and starring John Dale and Michael Hobert.

Team Behind Splice and Ginger Snaps Launching Web Series Darknet

There's a new horror anthology series heading to the Internet next month, and it's backed by some pretty respectable names within the genre. Read on for all the details about Darknet, which promises to take us to the deepest and darkest recesses of the 'Net!

Dread Central Presents - The Box of Dread

Ever since Brad Pitt asked the famed question "What's in the box?" in Se7en, we've had an idea lurking in the back of our minds... What if boxes filled with unknown spooky merch could find its way to your doorstep every month? Hell yeah! What if, indeed!

Evil Dead Bikini Puts Your Honey Where Hell's Mouth Is

You know, when we think "hot chick in a bikini," the next thing we think of is how hot it would be to see her sexy bits bound in human flesh and detailed in human blood. Do you share the same mindset? If so, then this is for you!

Parks and Recreation Gets Spooky with Attack of the Knope

The horror genre can rear its head in some truly weird places, and that's the beauty of it all! Who could forget The Headless Woman on "Happy Days?" The haunted air conditioner on "The Odd Couple?" Hell, any "Roseanne" Halloween episode! Add "Parks and Recreation" to that list.

YouTube's Geek Week Takes You to the Most Haunted Places in the USA!

All week long over on YouTube it's Geek Week, a celebration of the nerd in all of us that features all sorts of fun and exclusive content from over 100 of the most popular geeky channels on the 'Tube.

Gingerdead Men Rejoice; Full Moon Launches Its Very Own Instant Streaming Service!

With ticket prices at the theater getting higher and higher, audiences more and more annoying and video shops all but gone, instant streaming services like Netflix and VUDU are fast becoming the preferred way for today's audiences to watch movies.

Google Maps Picks Up Massive 1,200-Foot Pentagram

In what is one of the oddest things we've ever reported on here at Dread Central, Google Maps has uncovered a 1,200-foot wide pentagram embedded in the ground in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan. Read on for details.

#SDCC 2013: Zombie Apocalypse Right Around the Corner? Arm Yourself with the 3-Door Hyundai Veloster: Zombie Killer Edition

Ya see? Now this? THIS is what we call a concept car! And what a concept it is! This four-wheeled zombie-slaying beast is bound to keep you safe as a bug in a rug in even the most dire of life-threatening situations!

Must Watch - Sam Raimi, Army of Darkness, and Oz The Great and Powerful. Stunning Comparisons!

It's Monday. The media is for the most part recovering from Comic-Con and you're at your desk looking for some stimuli to take you away from the every day doldrums. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Scream Factory YouTube Channel ALIVE AND SCREAMING!

The wait is over, kids! Scream Factory's YouTube Channel has launched and is waiting to sink its claws into you right now. Don't waste another second. You know it's gonna kick ass! These cats can do no wrong, I tell you! And even if they did, they do enough right to make up for it!

Hot Chicks in Their Underwear Killing Zombies. Got Your Attention?

You have to admit there was no need for a witty headline to get you to click on this story, was there? We didn't think so. And the content of this story is EXACTLY what we promised. Go ahead. Don't waste another second ogling the text! On to the eye candy!

Must-See Prank Inspired by The Ring

It's these little moments... these once in a lifetime chances... that YouTube was made for. Get ready for what has to be one of the single funniest pranks pulled off in ages. If you're a fan of The Ring, get ready to laugh and be happy!

Horror-Themed Butter Sculptures Clog Your Arteries with Terror

Know what's deadly? Cholesterol! There's nothing like a deadly build-up of it within the old ticker to bring you face-to-face with the Widow Maker. Know what else is deadly? Psychos wielding sharp implements looking to stop your heart in a different way.