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New Night Crew Episode is LIVE with the Cast of Stake Land

The Night Crew podcast released its fifth episode today featuring an exclusive look at the film Stake Land's cast and crew.

Build Your Own Evil Dead House

Ever wanted to have your very own cabin in the woods? Not a nice one, mind you, but one that's stained with the gallons of blood shed by the many victims of evil Candarian demons? Yeah, us too. While we may not have the resources to build one to scale (much less the tools to summon forth the demons), we can however show you how to build your very own model replica.

Comcast Gets Comically Descript with Horror

You know over the years cable providers have made some, shall we say, odd choices. They go about their weirdness making their way through the world thinking nobody even notices what they're doing. Case in point ... Comcast.

Full Human Centipad South Park Episode Now Slithering Online

In case you missed it last night, The Human Centipad episode of the iconic pop culture skewering television show, "South Park" has made its way online. What are you waiting for? Get connected!

The Human Centipad #1 New Product Down in South Park

The Human Centipede, while nowhere near as ghastly as some have made it sound, has slithered its heartwarming ass-to-mouth ways not only into the loving embrace of horror fans everywhere, but also into pop culture legend.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Human Centipede - The Musical

We're not quite sure how in the world most of them actually sing given the ass-to-mouth nature of the cult phenomenon known as The Human Centipede, but damn it, it's not stopping anyone from trying! In this edition of the WTF Friday Video of the Week, we're happy to bring you Human Centipede: The Musical.

First Birdemic II: The Resurrection Details Hit the Interwebs

If you haven't been digging on This Week in Horror, you've been missing out on some truly tasty tidbits of terror news that you won't be finding anywhere else. In this latest edition Birdemic director James Nguyen talks about the sequel to his cult favorite romantic thriller. Dig on the videos below in which Nguyen reveals:

Billy Crystal and Helen Mirren Prove that When Harry Met Sally 2 Really Sucks

We know exactly what you're thinking. "What in the name of all that is unholy is Dread Central doing covering a comedic short film based upon a possible sequel to the Billy Crystal hit When Harry Met Sally? Trust us. We didn't think we'd be covering it either; however, once you watch it, you'll totally understand.

Hobo With a Shotgun Grindhouse Style Trailer Contest: - Vote for Your Favorite

Hobo With a Shotgun director Jason Eisener believes one good turn deserves another, and since his film is the product of a won trailer contest, he's ready to give another young filmmaker the same opportunity.

Nearly 400 Lbs. of Evil Jumps into Fishing Boat

We pick and choose exactly what kind of reality based stories to cover here on Dread Central, mainly because, well, real world news is depressing and more horrific than anything we can conjure up. However, every now and again something grabs us (or should I say bites us?), and we can't resist. Case in point ...

Solve the Mystery of Overturn Online

Filming in Kiev, Ukraine, and broadcasting on the Internet, Overturn bills itself as the first international science fiction/mystery series; and it has every right to do so. The performers hail from an incredibly diverse array of countries, including the United States, Australia (the country and the continent), Italy, Denmark, Russia, the Ukraine, Nigeria and Vietnam.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Attack of the Masturbating Zombies

This week's WTF video isn't so much a WTF for its content as it is for the controversy it caused. A 1989 "Saturday Night Live" sketch written by Conan O'Brien called "Attack of the Masturbating Zombies" prompted several sponsors to pull out of the show, leading to the skit being banned from all future SNL rebroadcasts since.

Tribeca 2011: Watch Rabies Online via the Festival Screening Room

Can’t make it to the Tribeca Film Festival? Don't despair. Just like last year, Tribeca 2011 will have an online component, allowing you to watch some of the films from this year's fest in the comfort of your own home. The only catch? Just one of them is a horror film: Rabies (aka Kalevet) directed by Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales.

The Official Word on The Night Crew

A couple of days ago we told you about a killer new podcast called The Night Crew. Now we have the official word for you to dig on! Check it out, fiends! From the Press Release

The Night Crew Coming to Feed Your Head

A brand new aural treat is on its way from some of the biggest names in horror journalism including, most humbly, us. Get ready for some good old supernatural themed mental floss with The Night Crew.