Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Goes Interactive Digital on Your iPad

A funny thing happened in 2009. People were talking about zombies, and not just us - but people who NEVER talk about zombies. Because 2009 was the year Jane Austen's classic work Pride and Prejudice was infested with the undead.

The Evil Dead Invade Your iPhone and iPad ... Again!

"We're gonna get you ... We're gonna get you ... Not another peep ... Time to go to sleep ..." Does anything satisfy like the Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead? Not really! Over the years the beloved franchise has seen many incarnations, the last one being the Army of Darkness tower defense game, but the mobile fun doesn't end there.

Screenshots and Trailer from the Alice: Madness Returns Interactive Storybook Application

We're less than one month from the launch of the Alice: Madness Returns video game, but starting today you can fall into Wonderland right on your mobile device as EA Games brings you "Alice: Madness Returns", an interactive storybook application for the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices! Best of all? It's FREE!

Groovy! Ash's Antics Go Mobile with Army of Darkness: Defense

What horror fan hasn't wanted to step into the shoes of Ash, fight off the evil dead and the armies of darkness, get the babes, and then call it a day? Well, thanks to Backflip Studios mobile gamers are going to get the chance to do so on the fly! From the Press Release

The 7th Guest: Infection Launches for iPad

Move over, Angry Birds. There's a new addiction on mobile devices and you're gonna lose a lot of sleep over it. Ask any veteran gamer what the most notorious puzzle in video game history is and they'll give you one answer: The microscope puzzle in the haunted house classic, The 7th Guest.

The Weinsteins to Unleash Angry Pinheads

Riding the success of the recent Scream 4 iPad and iPhone games, The Weinstein Company is ready to unleash yet another of its franchise characters in digital form, and judging from the game's title, it sounds like gamers on those platforms will be pretty familiar where

Scream 4 Your Xbox Avatar; iPad and iPhone Game Available Now

We told you yesterday about the new Scream game landing on iPhones and iPads everywhere via iTunes. Well, here's a friendly reminder that the game in which you play as good old Ghostface himself is available RIGHT NOW! But wait ... that's not all!

New Scream Game Has You Killing Teens On Your iPad and iPhone

Oh, happy day! Scream 4 (review here) is in theatres tomorrow, April 15, and after you're done seeing it, you can don the mask and slay some digital victims! Does it get any better? Rarely!

The Evil Dead to Bring Gore and Carnage to iPhones and iPads

Sam Raimi's classic The Evil Dead has appeared on numerous video game consoles over the years with mixed results to say the very least. Still, someone is bound to get an interactive version of this lovable cult gore-fest right. Could this be it?

Rue Morgue Offers Readers Free Digital Anniversary Issue

As an avid iPhone and iPad user, as well as a devout reader of Rue Morgue magazine, I can tell you that the combination of these things is truly a sight to see! Now, you can see for yourself! From the Press Release

8-Bit Style Hobo With a Shotgun Video Game Brings Pixelated Violence!

Ah, the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment system. You had it all. The Zapper, a Robotic Operating Buddy, and now even though you're gone, your spirit lives on through the Hobo With a Shotgun video game. So good! From the Press Release

CD-ROM Classic The 7th Guest Haunts the iPad and iPhone

Screw Myst! One of the all-time great horror games - the haunted-house classic The 7th Guest - has just been resurrected in a new port for the iPhone and iPad, and it’s every bit as creepy as it was back in the day. Ain’t nostalgia great?

DEXTER The Game HD Now Available for the iPad

Marc Ecko Entertainment announced today that "DEXTER The Game HD" for iPad is now available in the Apple App Store. The game, based on Season One of the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated Showtime television series “Dexter”, is offered at $7.99. From the Press Release: