A Trailer to Tear You Apart

Eye candy time, kids! We've just gotten our claws into the first trailer for Aaron Rottinghaus' latest spooker Apart for you to dig on, so pull up a chair and see if this one looks like something that will get your ghost!

Ron Purtee Teases Us With a First Look at Nightmare

Once again, the busiest man in indie horror is up to his old tricks. The creator of The Social Media Massacre and Love is Not Enough, Ron Purtee, has a new trailer with which to haunt us. Be the first on your block to take a sneak preview at his new film, Nightmare.

AFM 2011: International Sales Art and Details for Bloodwork

More sales art coming out for AFM from Lightning Media. Next on tap is the new thriller from Eric Wostenberg entitled Bloodwork. Read on for the plot crunch and eye candy.

See Slick Shot, Micro-Budgeted Memory Lane for Free

Riding in to work this morning, I heard big-time Hollywood director Brett Ratner on The Howard Stern Show discussing his troubles with dwindling box office takes for big budget films. He went on to say how hard it's becoming to pay movie stars' giant salaries with income decreasing due to film pirating and other factors. Well, Mr. Ratner, I'm a big fan of your work, but let me tell you, indies have proven you don't have to pay eight-figure salaries to make a great movie, and Memory Lane hopes to be the next film to prove that.

AFM 2011: New Hidden 3D Artwork and Stills Deliver the Spooky

We're suckers for supernatural flicks around these parts, especially good ones. That's why everything we've seen regarding Hidden 3D has gotten our attention. The flick looks creepy as hell and so do these latest teases!

First Thanatomorphose Teaser Trailer Arrives Online

Earlier this year we dropped some knowledge on you about Kayden Rose snaring the lead role in Thanatomorphose, a twisted claustrophobic tale rooted in sexuality and deviancy. Well, oh happy day, we've now got a teaser trailer to show you.

Blood City Massacre World Premiere on November 11

Writer/director Robert Tarantino (no relation to Quentin) is proud to announce the November 11th world premiere of his newest film Blood City Massacre in Vienna. And much like his namesake's breakout film, Pulp Fiction, Robert Tarantino's film is also filled with psychos, revenge and murder!

UPDATED: New Promo Trailer and Image Gallery from Road to Hell's Shoot at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas

This past weekend, October 29th and 30th, Albert Pyun finished filming the final scenes of his Road to Hell at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, including two music performances with The Roxy Gunn Project, and he's sent over several photos from the shoot for us to share. He's also included the new, longer promo trailer Daniel Gutierrez edited for AFM.

Hey! Hear That? It's the Concept Artwork for The Whispering Dead!

Ready for some haunting new artwork for The Whispering Dead? Of course you are. Why else would you be here? Though our boyish charm and flare for theatrics are admittedly a big plus. Read on for the goods.

Frankenstein: Day of the Beast Brings a New Look to the Classic Tale

The story of the Frankenstein monster is one of the most enduring tales in the history of horror. From Mary Shelley's original telling through the classic 1931 film and the sequels that followed to the multiple new visions of the tale, it seems the possibilities for expanding on the experiments of Dr. Frankenstein are endless. And now we've got an upcoming film bringing an entirely new angle to the tale.

AFM 2011: Grey Skies Descend! Alien Chaos Ensues!

Aliens seem to be getting a healthy amount of love this year at AFM as yet another flick referring to them as "Greys" has been probing the hallowed halls of this year's big dance. Read on for details and artwork.

AFM 2011: Time to Start Hunting Greys

We're not talking about hunting wolves or even the elderly (though sometimes we'd really like to, especially when they're arguing over 3 cents at the supermarket); we're talking aliens, man! Spacemen! Probers! Read on for the first details and art.

Unique Dark Fantasy Comedy Apocalypse, CA Coming December 13th

Okay, answer this one. What has a giant asteroid on a collision course with Earth, a 300-foot tall woman, mind-bending drugs and all-out gun battle? If you said Apocalypse, CA, the upcoming film with a December 13 DVD release date, then you are absolutely right! (And probably a bit psychic…how could you know that?)

Tobin Bell Ready to Be Haunted

More casting news is coming in for Victor Salva's next film Haunted. One of horror's true class acts has joined the spooky festivities, and we have all the details for you right here. Dig it!

Popularity Killer Proves it Isn't Always Good to Be the Cool Kid

Ah, the cool kids. They do carry quite a burden. It's not easy having perfect hair and teeth and keeping that sports car looking shiny when they're banging cheerleaders on the hood every night. Cool kids have their crosses to bear. Unfortunately, in Popularity Killer things get a little tougher for them when a serial killer comes after their perfect asses.