Indie Horror Month 2013

Exclusive Indie Horror Month One-Day Screening of Lorcan Finnegan's Foxes RIGHT HERE

Because we love you guys and love indie horror so much, we here at Dread Central wanted to bring you something special today for Indie Horror Month- an exclusive one-day screening of Lorcan Finnegan's incredible short film Foxes.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Ryan Spindell Gets to The Root of the Problem with Dread Central

Just a few weeks ago at the CineMayhem Film Fest, this writer had the pleasure of screening indie filmmaker Ryan Spindell's latest horror comedy short, The Root of the Problem, which hilariously taps into everyone's inherent fears of the dentist.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Michael Ling Discusses Upcoming Short Film Edward Lee's The Bighead

Dread Central recently hosted the online premiere of the brand new trailer for writer/director Michael Ling's upcoming short film Edward Lee's The Bighead, and with its LA premiere just a few weeks away, we thought now would be a great time to chat with Lee.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Christian Ackerman Talks Hell's Belles and More

Just a few weeks ago, Dread Central had the privilege of hosting the online premiere of Christian Ackerman's horror comedy short Hell's Belles which follows two badass chicks that are called upon to battle a demonic entity that has captured a young girl and is holding her as his prisoner.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Brian Thompson Discusses the Incident on Highway 73

In his award-winning Incident on Highway 73, director Brian Thompson takes us to the proverbial middle of nowhere alongside a couple who go missing on Christmas Eve 2005 after taking a road trip through the desert only to encounter some sinister forces on their travels.

Indie Horror Month 2013 Exclusive: James Feeney Talks Killer Kart and More

Last October the hilarious horror comedy Killer Kart slayed its competition during LA's Screamfest, where it won the award for Best Horror Comedy Short, making it a short this writer absolutely wanted to include in the first ever CineMayhem just a few weeks ago.

Indie Horror Month 2013: New Trailer Home to LOTS of Intrusive Behavior

No more teasing! The first full trailer for the indie effort Intrusive Behavior has finally arrived, and we have it for you, bad temper and all, right here. Check it out, and look for more on this one really soon!

Indie Horror Month 2013: First Look at Animosity

As we continue to celebrate all things indie horror this month, we are happy to bring you the first artwork, stills, trailer, and screening announcement for the latest passion driven terror tale, Animosity. Check it out!

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Check out a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Eric England's Roadside

This past weekend indie filmmaker Eric England (Madison County) celebrated the world premiere of his latest directorial endeavor, the Hitchcockian thriller Roadside, at the first-ever CineMayhem Film Fest in Thousand Oaks.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: 6 Souls Writer Michael Cooney on Multiple Personalities, Science vs. Faith and More

Last week the indie psycho-thriller 6 Souls, directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein and starring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, arrived on VOD platforms everywhere from The Weinstein Co.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Jules Stewart Discusses Her Directorial Debut K-11 and More

This Friday, Jules Stewart's edgy and challenging directorial debut K-11 arrives in limited theaters courtesy of Breaking Glass Pictures. Featuring an eclectic cast of characters, the indie prison-centric thriller is a bold introduction from the seasoned script supervisor.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Check out this Disturbing New Clip from Upcoming Horror Anthology Sanitarium

Is there a creepier place than mental institutions? All that authoritative oppression, screwy medical techniques and diabolical doctors is enough to get this writer's skin crawling.

CineMayhem Film Festival Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

Heather Wixson. Honestly, this "horror chick" is a bit of an enigma. Where she finds the time to get the amount of things done that she does is beyond me, but I can tell you that we are beyond thrilled to have her on our team and love her more than words can fully illustrate.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Trailer Debut for Edward Lee's The Bighead by Michael Ling

At the first-ever CineMayhem Film Fest this past weekend, the trailer for indie filmmaker Michael Ling's upcoming short film Edward Lee's The Bighead premiered on the silver screen before the final film of the fest, Resolution.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Tiny Lister Talks K-11, New Friday Sequel; Reflects on No Holds Barred, Prison and More

Since making his feature film debut in the 1985 flick Runaway Train, Tommy "Tiny" Lister has worked on over 160 projects, quickly becoming one of the most recognizable character actors of modern cinema.