San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Alan Robert Takes on the Angel of Death in The Shunned One

Fans of the metal band Life of Agony will recognize the name Alan Robert as he is the group's bassist/songwriter. But more recently he's become pretty successful in the world of comics, and he's now prepping his newest title, The Shunned One.

Season 10 of The X-Files Official... For Comic Readers

Good new for fans of "The X-Files" - your long awaited 10th season is heading toward you like a speeding bullet. There's just one little hitch... it's coming in comic book form. Read on for details.

IDW Publishing Resurrects Wrightson's Frankenstein, Plus Other Impressive Projects

Idea and Design Works, LLC (better known as IDW Publishing) have three impressive books (one currently in print and two about to drop) that we've got to give you the skinny on. Read on for info about the books you're going to have to have.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: IDW Resurrects The Crow

Fan of James O'Barr's legendary comic book The Crow? Then brothers and sisters do we have some really good news for you! News that could have only happened at the San Diego Comic-Con. From the Press Release

Shout it From the Rooftops! Frankenstein Alive, Alive!

Bernie Wrightson and Steve Niles are iconic names in the horror industry. News of their pairing on a hot new property from IDW Comics has hit the Net, and its subject matter is near and dear to this writer's heart!

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1 Sells Out in One Day; Second Printing Coming!

IDW Publishing announced that Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters Issue #1 sold out just a day after making its debut at comic book retail stores throughout North America. Written by Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh, with artwork by Phil Hester, the rapid sell-out marks a fantastically successful return for the giant fire-breathing lizard to comics.

Cover Art for IDW's Godzilla: Monster World and Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters

It was last October during the New York Comic Con that we first got word of IDW's partnership with Toho Co., Ltd., to create all-new Godzilla comics, and now the first two issues - Godzilla: Monster World and Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters - are available for pre-order. Read on for their synopses and to see the cover art.

NYCC 2010: IDW Bringing Back Godzilla

Here at Dread Central there are few things we love more than Godzilla. Doesn't matter the medium; if there are new Godzilla adventures to be had, count us in! Word came down today during the New York Comic Con that Big G will be gracing the page once again thanks to IDW. From the Press Release

IDW's Legion Prequel, Legion: Prophets, Available Now!

Finally, months after it was announced at the SDCC '09 (I thought I'd never have to write those words again), IDW's graphic novel prequel to Legion entitled Legion: Prophets is available now for your perusal.

IDW Brings Back Famous Monsters of Filmland

Horror fans who grew up with Forrest J Ackerman's milestone magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland now have a new reason to rejoice! IDW Publishing is resurrecting the mag with a whole new bag of tricks!

Exclusive: Shock Festival Wallpapers and Radio Spots

We told you a few weeks back that as a companion piece to his massive original book Shock Festival, Stephen Romano would be releasing a multi-volume DVD collection (also titled Shock Festival) of rarities he dug up with some friends that not only takes scenes from actual films but also incorporates the fictional previews for the movies from his book.

Clive Barker's Seduth Jumps off of the Page

Here are a few of things that, when put together, can turn into something completely bitchin': Clive Barker, 3D, and comic books. Got your interest? Kind of figured we would. Get ready for IDW's latest property -- Clive Barker's Seduth, which will be presented in 3D.

SDCC 09: Legion Prequel Coming from IDW

The Sony Screen Gems horror/fantasy flick Legion may be garnering a little bit of buzz in the horror community, and to coincide with the film's release, IDW Publishing has announced plans for a prequel comic to help pave the way for the film's January, 2010 theatrical bow.

Shock Festival DVDs Coming this Fall

Author Stephen Romano gave horror fans a rare vintage treat last year with his Shock Festival novel that paid homage to the schlock and B-movies genre by creating a history of visuals and stories about films that only existed in the depths of his massive imagination.