Horror Collecitibles

Pink Slime Is the Last Thing You Need to Worry About in These 'What If' McDonald's Horror Happy Meals

I remember the joys of McDonald's Happy Meals from when I was a tiny Creepy. I loved ripping into the box, securing the toy, and stuffing my face. Of course this would be followed by bouts of explosive diarrhea that would make Al Roker shart-shy, but, oh, to be young again, right?

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: NECA Unveils its Albino Predator

Between this and the recently released Pacific Rim footage, we're all hot and bothered around here. Speaking of heat, get ready for your wallet to start burning once you feast your eyes upon what NECA is unleashing at this year's San Diego Comic-Con!

The Dude Designs Celebrates the Heyday of Horror VHS Art with a Stunning New Poster!

Back in the Eighties there were certain movies I'd rent on VHS just because the cover art was so damned good. Sure, some of them ended up sucking in comparison to their flashy covers, but screw it! It was all part of the budding home video experience.