Hatchet II Interview Week

Hatchet II Interview Week Entry 5: Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris is someone most genre fans know and know well. Smart, funny, and beautiful, since bursting onto the horror scene as a young child in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, she has grown to become a horror icon.

Hatchet II Interview Week Entry 4: Adam Green Part 2

When we last spoke, Adam Green (the writer/director of the Hatchet series and Frozen, co-director of Spiral, and producer of Grace) talked a little bit about his past, his love of films, and some of the challenges he faced as an indie filmmaker.

Hatchet II Interview Week Entry 4: Adam Green Part 1

First and foremost, it should be noted that writer/producer/ director Adam Green is a film fan. It’s evident in his feature films. It’s evident in his short films. It’s readily apparent when you talk to him.

Hatchet II Interview Week Entry 3: Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder is man known for his ability to kill. After playing the unstoppable Jason Voorhees for four films in the legendary Friday the 13th series, Hodder has moved on to star in a number of successful and influential genre and non-genre films. Back in 2006 he returned to the woods to become the maniacal Victor Crowley in Adam Green’s homage to the slasher film, Hatchet.

Hatchet II Interview Week Entry 2: Tony Todd

Tony Todd is, to say the least, an imposing figure. At 6’5”, broad of frame, and with a deep, booming voice, he’s a guy who gets attention. The fact that he’s also a dependable and wholly competent actor makes him all the more impressive.

Hatchet II Interview Week Entry 1: Tom Holland

Writer/director Tom Holland is best known for his work on such genre staples as Fright Night (which he wrote), Child’s Play (which he wrote and directed), as well as his work on films like Thinner, the TV movie The Stranger Within, The Temp and the Masters of Horror episode “We All Scream for Ice Cream.” What many may not know is that before Holland