Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro Talks PG-13 Rated At The Mountains of Madness

Know what's crazy? We can see Romero-level zombie violence on TV nowadays; yet, filmmakers like the great Guillermo del Toro still have to jump through hoops if they want to make a movie that's rated R.

Guillermo del Toro Working on Low Budget Creature Feature

After working on big budget movies for a while, it's always wonderful to see one of your favorite directors do something a bit more intimate. That's exactly the case for Guillermo del Toro, who just dropped some really interesting news over on Collider.

5 Reasons You've Absolutely Got to Watch FX's The Strain

There’s a hint of trepidation any time a new series lands on the small screen. Censorship limitations, fiscal restrictions and an abundance of writers and directors can easily serve as points of distraction for promising concepts.

Guillermo del Toro Talks Pacific Rim 2 and Not Giving Up on At The Mountains of Madness

The Wall Street Journal recently caught up with prolific filmmaker Guillermo del Toro to talk about about his upcoming sequel to Pacific Rim and keeping hope alive for At the Mountains of Madness. Read on for the skinny!

UPDATED: Billboards for The Strain Are Freaking People Out - Including a Paranormal Activity Actor!

What a bunch of babies! Apparently billboards for FX's upcoming "The Strain" featuring some kind of a worm either coming out of, or going into, an eyeball are too much for residents of Hollywood to handle, and they've taken to Twitter to bitch about it.

New Pacific Rim Animated Series and Sequel Official

Legendary in conjunction with Universal has finally officially confirmed a sequel to Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, and we have a message regarding what's planned right here from the man himself. Read on for the goods, a video, and even a release date!

Go Inside the Story of the Parasitic Plague of The Strain

After yesterday's look at the world of FX's "The Strain," we're back this morning with a peek at the story of the parasitic plague that will change the world along with a few more teaser videos. Are end times upon us? Find out July 13th!

Take a Trip Inside the World of The Strain

"The Strain" is at the top of our list of summer shows we're looking forward to, and on tap today is an inside look at the world created for the terrifying new series from Guillermo del Toro, which premieres Sunday, July 13th, on FX.

Promo Photos Reveal the Cast of The Strain

We are only one month away from the premiere of the FX series "The Strain," based on the Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan-penned vampire novels of the same name. Can't wait? Then we invite you to meet the entire cast right here and right now, courtesy of some character promo photos. Check 'em out!

Exclusive: Actor Drew Nelson Dishes on The Strain

It's becoming one of the most anticipated horror-themed television shows in some time. Guillermo del Toro's unique vampire tale "The Strain" premieres on FX on July 13. Recently one of the stars of the show, Drew Nelson, joined Dread Central to talk about the upcoming series.

Pacific Rim 2 Script Being Developed; Guillermo del Toro Reveals Plot Details

In the wake of the box office success of Godzilla, we're willing to bet that we'll be seeing many more giant monster movies on the big screen in the coming years, and one of those films we're definitely hoping for is a sequel to last year's Pacific Rim.

Get Taken Over By an Extended Look at The Strain

The longest look at the TV adaptation of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's "The Strain" is here, and we cannot wait for this sickness to spread over on FX. Check out the new video, an extended version of the 30-second "Take Over" TV spot, right here, right now!

The Countdown to the Horrors of The Strain Is On!

Another new 30-second trailer for the TV adaptation of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's "The Strain" has arrived, and it counts down the horrors to come while we sit and count the days until it gets here.

New Strain Promo Takes Over!

A new 30-second trailer for the TV adaptation of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's "The Strain" is here, and it's looking pretty damned badass. Check it out and look for the show Sunday, July 13th, on FX. Dig in and wear your respirator. The infection is likely to spread quickly.

Feel The Strain from this New Official Trailer

We've seen plenty of teasers, promos, and images, and now it's time for the first official trailer to arrive for "The Strain." The series premieres Sunday, July 13th, on FX; will you be tuning in?