Gillian Zinser

Who's In for a New Clip from Liars All?

The first clip from Liars All has arrived, and if doesn't do anything for you, we always have the trailer, which was home to lots of humping... the good kind, too, not the usual Wednesday-spawned crap! Check it out!

New Liars All Trailer Humps its Way Through Hump Day

The first trailer for Liars All has arrived, and it's filled with lots of humping. What better day to bring it to you other than hump day? At least someone's having fun while the rest of us sit staring at the clock waiting for this hellish week to end.

AFM 2011: Really Flat Sales Art for Liars All

Early sales art for Liars All has come our way pre-AFM, and after looking at it, the only thing running through our minds is, "Yeah, good luck with that." Sometimes Photoshop is just not your friend.

Sales Trailer: Liars All

Better late than never, right? The Cannes sales trailer for Brian Brightly's psychological thriller Liars All has made its way online, and we don't think it's going to be up very long so see it while you can! Matt Lanter, Gillian Zinser, Torrance Coombs, Sara Paxton, Alice Evans, Tiffany Mulheron and Randy Wayne star. Synopsis

Meet a Bunch of Liars All on New Year's Eve

Okay, so this flick has NOTHING to do with Henry Rollins or his song "Liar", but there's never a wrong time to indulge in that little sliver of musical mayhem. Anyway, on to the story ... a new indie flick called Liars All.

Two More Manson Girls Sign Up to Serve Charlie - Gillian Zinser and Taryn Manning

You know, I've seen lots of documentaries surrounding Charlie and his umm ... angels, but I don't ever recall any one of those chicks being as hot as those cast in the upcoming flick Manson Girls!