Gil McKinney

Dean and Crowley Spar in this Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 9.17 - Mother's Little Helper

Is the power from The First Blade more than Dean can bear? Check out this clip from "Supernatural" Episode 9.17, "Mother's Little Helper," directed by series co-star Misha Collins, for a look at how our favorite Winchester is handling the strain.

To Help You on Your Way Here Are Several Stills and a Preview of Supernatural #9.17 - Mother's Little Helper

In the Stones song "Mother's Little Helper," Mick sings, "Things are different today," and they're definitely different for Dean in next week's Episode 9.17 of "Supernatural," directed by series co-star Misha Collins.

Producer's Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.12 - As Time Goes By

We can only hope that "Supernatural" is done with the mopey Sam storyline and he and Dean can get back to doing what they do best: hunting monsters! But first the brothers will be meeting the grandfather they never knew in this week's Episode 8.12, "As Time Goes By."

Sneak Peek and Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 8.12 - As Time Goes By

In next week's episode of "Supernatural," entitled "As Time Goes By," we meet another one of the boys' grandfathers - Henry Winchester, father of John. Check out a sneak peek of the ep along with several stills.

Supernatural Casting News: Gil McKinney to Portray Grandpa Winchester

In past seasons of "Supernatural," we learned a lot about the Campbells, Sam and Dean's mother's family, and now it's time to find out about the Winchester side. In the upcoming Episode 12, entitled "As Time Goes By," Gil McKinney guest stars in a pivotal role that involves time travel.