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Three New American Horror Story TV Spots

We honestly can't remember when we've been more excited about a new genre TV show hitting the tube (maybe "The Walking Dead" last year?) than we are for "American Horror Story". Here to get those old appetites further whetted are three new TV spots released by FX: "Critics Are Saying", "Crazy", and "Life".

Watch the Opening Credits from American Horror Story

On the fence about watching FX's upcoming "American Horror Story"? We have a feeling the show's seriously creepy opening credits sequence might make up your mind for you. Read on for details of how you can watch the clip created by Kyle Cooper and his company, Prologue, who are also responsible for the acclaimed openers for Seven and "The Walking Dead".

American Horror Story House Call Shenanigans

The "American Horror Story" House Call videos have begun filtering onto the show's YouTube channel, and if you don't remember this promotion, as there are several supremely cool ones going on, basically you sign up at the show's site, and then if you're chosen, "The Thing in Black" comes to haunt you. Who doesn't like seeing folks have the shit scared out of them?

Stretchy New American Horror Story Artwork

While flipping through the pages of this week's Entertainment Weekly, we came across some more artwork for FX's upcoming "American Horror Story" so we fired up the old scanner and got busy!

New American Horror Story TV Spot - Maybe It's Just a Dream

Yet another creepy TV spot has shown up for FX's upcoming "American Horror Story", this one featuring series star Dylan McDermott as the victim of a very bad "Dream". With its October 5th premiere date drawing closer every day, look for more soon!

Tour the American Horror Story House Right Now!

If you haven't been paying attention to "American Horror Story"'s You're Going to Die in There promotion, then you've been missing out on one of the coolest fan interaction initiatives we've ever seen. Here's your chance to play catch-up!

Eric Stonestreet Going from a Modern Family to a Haunted One in American Horror Story

More casting news for yet another guest star on FX's upcoming "American Horror Story" came out over the weekend, this time involving a very familiar face for fans of situation comedies: Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron on ABC’s hit comedy "Modern Family" will be appearing in a November episode of "AHS".

Another American Horror Story Artifact: Time for Some Bloody Champagne!

Here at Dread Central we've been doing our best to keep tabs on artifacts being mailed out to our readers by FX for the network's upcoming "American Horror Story." (If you're not sure what we're talking about, click here for the details.) Recently one such reader, Rob Cooksley, reached out to let us know he had just received his artifact and to show us what FX had sent to him.

More American Horror Story Casting News: Morris Chestnut Sheds His Lizard Skin to Take on Hauntings

And the cast for the highly anticipated new series from FX - "American Horror Story" - grows a bit more with the addition of interstellar TV star Morris Chestnut, who was last seen getting all lizardy in the now cancelled "V".

More American Horror Story Casting News: Sarah Paulson Signs on for Four Episodes

With a background that includes stints on "American Gothic", Serenity, and the upcoming Martha Marcy May Marlene, a four-episode arc on FX's "American Horror Story" should be a piece of cake for the show's newly announced guest star, Sarah Paulson. Look for her to portray a medium named Billie Dean.

American Horror Story: Dread Central Is Filling Up the Attic with Artifacts

Earlier today our own Horror Chick, Heather Wixson, received a FedEx package from FX's "American Horror Story" with an artifact from the attic of the Harmon house, and now we've heard from two more staffers who registered at You're Going to Die in There and also received some pretty spooky stuff. We have photos to share of the goods -- make sure YOU head over to the website ASAP to help us fill up the attic!

A True American Horror Story: Meet the Demon Bunny!

Okay, kids, I'll admit that I don't know a whole lot about the upcoming FX show "American Horror Story", but I did see Dread Central's post about receiving an artifact in the mail that provides clues as to what kind of genre goodies the new series would be cooking up for us fans this fall and registered per the instructions. Today a mysterious package arrived at my front door via FedEx.

American Horror Story: More Teasers and TV Spots

With its October 5th premiere date drawing closer every day, "American Horror Story" has increased its promotional push, and we've found two new teaser trailers of around 30 seconds each and three very similar TV spots that comes in at 11 second each. And the more we watch, the more anxious we are to find out if the show can live up to its hype. We'll all see soon, but my vote is YES!

Enter the Attic of the American Horror Story House

Remember when we first told you about a very cool promotion F/X is running for its upcoming ghostly series "American Horror Story" in which you can have one-of-a-kind items relating to the show delivered right to your front door? Well, today Dread Central was the recipient of just such an item - the entire Attic of the Harmons' house!

You're All Gonna Die in Third Teaser Trailer for American Horror Story!

More creepy goodness has made its way online in promotion of the upcoming chiller of a TV series "American Horror Story" and it just keeps getting weirder and weirder. We totally approve! Dig it!