Savor This Really Bizarre Horsehead (Fievre) Teaser

We first told you about Horsehead (Fievre) two years ago, and it's only looking weirder now. Come on in and check out a trailer that certainly has our attention.

First Trailer for French Horror Film Fever Is Loaded with Nightmarish Imagery

We've been talking about Romain Basset's debut feature Fever for a few years now, and our excitement for the film has officially hit a fever pitch now that the trailer has finally made its way onto the net. If you love gory French horror, you're gonna love this sneak peek. Dig it!

Check Out a WTF Teaser for Upcoming Film Fievre (Fever)

We've given you the information as we've gotten it about the upcoming Roman Basset film Fievre. You can now take your first look at the movie in a teaser trailer that left us wondering what exactly we saw, and wanting to see more.

Feast Your Eyes on the First Stills From Fever

Some new stills from Romain Basset's French horror film Fever (Fievre) have landed in our mailbox along with a brand spanking new press release. Yep, it's all here waiting for ya! Dig it!

Full Cast of Romain Basset's Fever Announced

We recently dropped the news that Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux and Gala Besson were the newest lovely ladies added to the cast of Romain Basset's French horror film Fever (Fievre). Today co-production company Oh My Gore! has announced the rest of the cast.

Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux and Gala Besson Join Cast of Fever

We just received news from the Oh My Gore! production team that two new lovely ladies, Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux and Gala Besson (great names!), have been added to the cast of Romain Basset's upcoming French horror film Fever.

New Fever Concept Art Paints a Horse of a Different Color

Some pretty nifty concept art for the new flick from Romain Basset, Fever, has hit the interwebs courtesy of artist Alex Tuis (Silent Hills: Revelation, Dark Shadows, Blood: The Last Vampire), and have have every disturbing brush stroke of it for you hot, fresh and on tap.

First Teaser Poster and Info on Fever

Director Romain Basset is chomping at the bit to get the word out on his debut feature film, Fever. And we were lucky enough to get you a look at the teaser poster and a thorough synopsis of what seems like a pretty trippy film. Morphing in and out of dream states, Fever definitely sounds like a psychological mind-fuck so we'll certainly be listening for any additional info in the future.

Oh My Gore! To Co-Produce Romain Basset's Fever

Oh My Gore! has been dabbling in the horror market. Previously they have opened an online shop and created a video distribution company, but they haven't rolled up their sleeves and gotten down and dirty in the horror genre...until now.