Erin Cummings

Late Phases (2014)

Starring Nick Damici, Ethan Embry, Lance Guest, Erin Cummings, Rutanya Alda, Tina Louise, Caitlin O’Heaney, Karen Lynn Gorney, Dana Ashbrook,

SXSW 2014: Werewolf Mayhem Starts Howling in First Late Phases Poster and New Stills

Playing as part of the South by Southwest Film Festival is Late Phases, and in honor of the flick's premiere The Wrap scored two new stills and some artwork. Dig it!

New Late Phases Image Comes Crashing Through the Door

Ya see, the thing about werewolves? They're just uncultured, man. I mean, they don't even have the friggin' common courtesy to use a door in the correct fashion. Case in point: this latest still from Late Phases which finds its own exit.

Official Casting News for Late Phases Rolls in with First Still

We told you yesterday that the first official casting news for Late Phases was on its way and of course, as predicted, it has arrived. Read on for the official word on this werewolf thriller along with the first still courtesy of EW.

More Early Casting News for Late Phases: Erin Cummings and Ethan Embry Join the Fray!

"Spartacus" star Erin Cummings hit Twitter today and revealed that she and Ethan Embry have joined the cast of Adrian Garcia Bogliano's werewolf thriller Late Phases for Dark Sky Films/MPI and Glass Eye Pix, which is now shooting in New York. Nick Damici and Tina Louise co-star.

Bitch Slap (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Julia Voth, Erin Cummings, America Olivo, Debbie Lee Carrington, Michael Hurst, Ron Melendez, Kevin Sorbo, William Gregory Lee Directed by Rick Jacobson Distributed by Fox Home Entertainment

Bitch Slap Arrives on DVD; Exclusive Press Event Photo

With IM Global/Bombshell Pictures' outrageous feature Bitch Slap bowing on DVD today from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, this reporter hit up last Friday’s Bitch Slap press event at Sushi Dan’s in West Hollywood, CA. In attendance were the masterminds behind the ode to bad girl exploitation films, writer/producer/director Rick Jacobsen and co-scribe and producing partner Eric Gruendemann.

Bitch Slap DVD Pre-Release Event

Ready to get bitch slapped? Writer/director Rick Jacobson's Bitch Slap is gearing up for a March 2nd DVD release, and if you've been chomping at the bit to watch some smokin' hot chicks kick some ass, you might want to check out the pre-release event to tide you over.

Catch a Solid Bitch Slap on DVD

We just got word that the latest homage to the glorious big boobs and blood films of yesteryear, Bitch Slap, has gotten itself a sweet little DVD release date of March 2nd from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment! Read on to find out what else to expect!

EXCL: Filmmakers and Stars Talk Bitch Slap!

With IM Global/Bombshell Pictures' gleefully titillating feature Bitch Slap bowing today in limited theatrical release and via Video on Demand, this scribe sat down recently with the makers and stars of the film to discuss their ‘guns, boobs, and brawls’ opus and was thrilled to do so.

A PSA Which Delivers a Bitch Slap

You’ve seen the Bitch Slap girls go wild, but they have a softer side too. Watch as Trixie (Julia Voth), Hel (Erin Cummings), and Camero (America Olivo) show you the many ways they help their community and how they might even save the world.

CONTEST CLOSED! Quit Your Holiday Bitchin' With Our Bitch Slap Contest

In the spirit of giving we present to you, our dear readers, a chance to get hit with a mighty Bitch Slap of a contest! Brace your cheeks. All of them.

Bitch Slap Girls Gone Wild

Lord knows, we'd like to bitch slap a lot of the folks we see on "Girls Gone Wild" but that's a different story! What we're taking about here is a brand new yet strikingly familiar promotional video for the new flick Bitch Slap.

Bitch Slap Brings on the Boobs and Blood!

Rick Jacobson's throwback film to the wonderful two-breasted double-barrel Russ Meyer films of yesterday, Bitch Slap, is now showing off its boobs and blood via a batch of new stills, and of course we've got them right here ... hot and juicy!

Time to Bitch Slap You with a Trailer

Rick Jacobson's throwback film to the wonderful two-breasted double-barrel Russ Meyer films of yesterday, Bitch Slap, starring Julia Voth, Erin Cummings, America Olivo, Michael Hurst, Ron Melendez, William Gregory Lee, and Minae Noji, has gotten itself a trailer. Our D-cup runneth over!