EA Games

SDCC 08: The Dead Space Invasion!

On October 21st, EA Games is going to unleash one of the most anticipated horror video games of the year, Dead Space. The game would be enough to satisfy any genre fan but to sweeten the deal, EA is going cross media to make the story more tangible with a comic and animated film.

Banned Dead Space Trailer!

Could it be? A trailer for a video game that was so extreme, it was actually banned? That’s what EA Games is telling us about the “Lullaby Trailer” for the upcoming survival horror game Dead Space.

E3 2008: James Wan Trails Dead Space?

We love James Wan around these parts. Not only has he made a few kickass horror films, but he’s also a great guy. EA Games seem to be on a mission to show us horror fans that despite having rarely entered our genre, this October’s Dead Space comes from a team of people that really know their stuff when it comes to horror.

Art & Release Date for Dead Space Prequel

We first gave you guys word that EA Games and Starz Media were teaming up to make an animated prequel to Dead Space a few months back (“Dead Space Gets Animated” - March 2008). At the time specifics were sketchy at best, but finally we have a bit more to share!

Dead Space to Give Away Top 100!

Tired of using Columbia House or the used DVD pile at EB to build up your collection of sci-fi and horror flicks? All yer money going towards gas instead of entertainment? Just want some free stuff? Then get those clicking fingers ready!

Exclusive Dead Space Update From Executive Producer!

Oh, man have we got something cool for you guys today! We’ve been working with EA Games to help drum up interest in their badass outer space horror game, Dead Space, and today we got our hands on a blog posting from the game’s executive producer, Glen Schofield!

Dead Space Gets Animated

First there’s going to be a Dead Space comic that Image is putting out sometime later this year. Then, according to Variety this morning, there will be a Dead Space animated feature that will pickup where the comic leaves off. Finally, the actual Dead Space videogame is due out on November 30th.

Dead Space Online

Nothing like zombies in space, you know? I bet that’s where they’ll go with the next Resident Evil movie ... or if they weren’t they will now. Someone in Hollywood is always looking for bad ideas.

Looking at Dead Space

Sick and tired of reading about Dead Space and having to imagine how the game looks in motion? Then good news. EA recently released a teaser trailer of sorts to TeamXBOX, giving us a glimpse at how the deep space sci-fi horror game is shaping up. You don?t get the best idea of the game play from this, but you certainly get a sense of the visual direction of the game.

Beaver, Chuck (Dead Space)

Rarely do we get excited for a game as much as we have for EA Games' upcoming survival horror epic, Dead Space, and it's