E1 Entertainment

The Brotherhood V: Alumni Dropping onto DVD in February

E1 Entertainment just sent out a list of its upcoming DVD releases for early February, 2010, and front and center on it is cult director David DeCoteau's The Brotherhood V: Alumni. As the tagline says, "The Brotherhood returns, and this time revenge will be sweet!"

UK Getting Survival of the Dead in March

Lucky fans in the UK won't have to wait very much longer to get their hands on the latest entry in George A. Romero's Dead franchise! Just another reason to envy those across the pond.

Stephen King’s Colorado Kid Heads to Haven

Stephen King’s foray into hard-boiled noir, The Colorado Kid, wasn’t exactly among his most acclaimed efforts. That’s not stopping the powers that be from putting the story on film, however, as it’s set to become a thirteen-episode miniseries on the Sci-Fi Channel (sorry, I can’t bring myself to adhere to the ‘proper’ spelling).

Survival of the Dead Rough Promo/Sales Trailer

Talk about a treat for Halloween! What looks to be a rough cut of a new promo (for the upcoming AFM perhaps?) for George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead (review here) showed up on YouTube, and we've got it for you right here! Just beware that spoilers abound ... as does a glorious amount of gory gags.

Stephen King's Haven Finds Funding

E1 Entertainment has found its funding to make the thirteen-episode TV series "Stephen King's Haven". And the King fans go wild!

E1 Entertainment Creates a Haven for Stephen King

Stephen King has had a long and rocky road on the big and small screens. The sad truth is his work just may be a little too complex for adaptation. That certainly hasn't stopped anyone from trying though. Enter E1 Entertainment and its newest hour-long TV project, Stephen King's "Haven".

Seven Clips from Leslie, My Name is Evil

Okay, Manson fans (killer, not musician), we've scored not one, not even two, but seven clips of Charlie inspired mayhem for you from the newest little "family" flick on the block ... Leslie, My Name is Evil.

Trailer for Leslie, My Name is Evil Pleases Charlie

Every now and then it's good to revisit old Charlie and his crazy family. Allow us to introduce Leslie or, as she's better known, Evil! *cues up Helter Skelter*

Elsewhere (DVD / Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Anna Kendrick, Paul Wesley, Jeff Phillips, Shannon Holt, Tania Raymonde Directed by Nathan Hope Distributed by E1 Entertainment

E1 Bringing Elsewhere and Hunger Home in June

Two new bits of horror goodness are heading home on June 2nd from E1 Entertainment, and we've got a look at both of them for ya!

End of the Line Gets U.S. DVD

Finally, one of the coolest cult films I’ve seen in a while will be getting the chance to be seen by everyone here in the States; Fangoria has learned that Maurice Devereaux's End of the Line (review) is finally seeing a DVD release in the U.S.