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CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Mr. Jones on Blu-ray!

Mr. Jones is here, and he's ready to move into your home video collection! The cool thing? You don't even have to pay anything to get him there; just enter our contest, and we'll have this bad boy at your door before you can say, "BOO!"

New DVD and Blu-ray Gets Under the Skin

Scarlett Johansson's extraterrestrial flick Under the Skin is on its way to home video, and right now we have the details and artwork for you. Check it out, and look for more on this one as the landing date approaches.

Experience Cheap Thrills on Home Video

After hitting VOD outlets a couple months back and embarking on a successful theatrical run, E.L. Katz's much talked about directorial debut is headed home courtesy of Drafthouse Films. Read on to find out how and when you can experience Cheap Thrills in the comfort of your own home!

Anchor Bay Brings All 13 Sins Home

Anchor Bay has announced the Blu-ray and DVD details for the upcoming release of Daniel Stamm's 13 Sins, and we have all the info you need right here! Go ahead and watch it, and then absolve yourself of all wrongdoing!

New Blood Glacier Poster Is Suitably Bloody

This past Friday marked the VOD release of Rammbock director Marvin Kren's Blood Glacier (review), and on tap for you today is a brand new poster for the flick, which is covered in the red stuff.

A Devil of a Delivery: The Beast Within Clip

Every time we think we're done with the found footage subgenre, a movie comes along that gets it right and renews our interest. Delivery: The Beast Within (review) (or Delivery, as it was known in the UK) is exactly that movie, and on tap right now is a new clip!

Rusty Nail Returns in Joy Ride 3: Road Kill Trailer

We're just about a month away from the release of the third installment in the Joy Ride franchise, which sees Rusty Nail returning with a few days to kill. On tap for you today is the first trailer for the flick so buckle up and enjoy the ride, fiends!

Win a Signed Poster from Escape From Tomorrow and More!

One of the most talked about films from last year was Randy Moore's nightmarish Escape from Tomorrow (review), is available now on DVD and Blu-ray and we have your chance to score a signed poster and a DVD!

Cinedigm and Rapid Eye Films Announce New Genre Arm

The times they are a changing, kids! And as technology advances so does the means of getting our entertainment. The latest announcement comes courtesy of Cinedigm and Rapid Eye Films who are looking to increase their genre output. Read on for details.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Poseidon Rex on DVD!

Billed as the new king of prehistoric sea monsters, Poseidon Rex - a humongous, hungry oceanic T-Rex with an appetite for swimmers, boaters, tourists, treasure hunters, and former “Charmed” supporting actors - is on its way to DVD and we have your chance to score a copy on us!

Exclusive I, Frankenstein Blu-ray Clip Gets Monstrous

On May 13, the movie based on the graphic novel, I, Frankenstein, will be arriving on Blu-ray and DVD, but for those of you who cannot wait it will also be available on early VOD on May 2! To celebrate it's arrival we have an exclusive clip from the special features for you cats.

Synapse Films Parts the Curtains on Blu-ray

One of my favorite slasher films of the 80s, Curtains was always kind of a bitch to track down, and when you were able to find it, the print was usually shit. Synapse Films is about to change all that. Read on for details.

After Shocks You in August

Paladin, in partnership with Accretion Films, will distribute Pieter Gaspersz's psychological horror tale After on August 8th. The flick will be simultaneously unveiled on digital platforms and on DVD through Virgil Films, who acquired all North American digital and home entertainment rights.

Repentance Heads Home in June; New Trailer and DVD Artwork

The thriller Repentance boasts a strong cast of big name stars, led by Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker; yet, even that didn't help it get a wide theatrical release. Don't worry, though; we'll all be able to dig it from the comforts of our own home soon enough!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Compound Fracture from Dread Central

Should you want to show up at our offices so that we can stomp your bones out through your skin, just name the time, and we're there. Or you could just simply enter this quick contest and score a copy of Mane Entertainment's Compound Fracture (review) on DVD!