DVD News

Plaguers DVD Art and Specs

Nightfall Pictures’ award-winning sci-fi/horror film Plaguers, which features demons, aliens, and chicks in space, will make its debut on DVD from Image Entertainment on December 8th, 2009. Yep. We know what we'll be doing that day!

Live! and Vampire Killers Coming to DVD from Vivendi and the Weinstein Co.

Two genre flicks, Live! and Vampire Killers, are due on DVD this December courtesy of Vivendi Entertainment and the Weinstein Company. Read on for more info and trailers.

Director's Cut of Rob Zombie's Halloween II Ready to Go

Allow me to bust out the old adage “you can’t polish a turd”. Or can you? You could add six hours of footage to Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, and it would still be 2009’s most unwatchable movie, but hey, that's just my opinion. And yes, I say this as a man who endured the Syfy remake of Children of the Corn this weekend.

DVD Releases: Oct. 27, 2009: I Can See You and your Evil Face in the Sauna with an Orphan

October 27th is shaping up to be one of the best Tuesdays of the year for DVD and Blu-ray aficionados what with the release of Night of the Creeps, Orphan, Fear(s) of the Dark, and The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (aka Let Sleeping Corpses Lie). Throw in over-the-top cult favorite in the making Black Devil Doll, and your shopping cart is already pretty full.

DVD Art & Specs for Warner's 4 Film Favorites: Thriller Collection

We're just coming up on Halloween, and already the home video companies are announcing titles that'll be streeting in early 2010. On the list for January 12th is Warner's 4 Film Favorites: Thriller Collection, which contains four movies that you wouldn't necessarily associate with one another.

Kingdom of the Spiders Special Edition DVD Specs!

If you've never seen William Shatner's seminal portrayal of Rack Hansen in the 1977 film Kingdom of the Spiders, shame on you! However, come January, 2010, you'll be able to redeem yourself as Shout! Factory will be releasing a Special Edition UNCUT version of the film on DVD.

Trap Teases a Trilogy

Filmmaker Jason Horton dropped us a line with some news on his latest project, Trap, about a brutal kidnapping that goes from bad to worse when a middle-aged kidnapper falls in love with his 15-year-old victim.

Update and First Look at the Trailer for Shadow Falls Memorial

This past summer filmmaker Kendal Sinn first unveiled the details of his Shadow Falls Memorial feature film, and today he provided Dread Central with an update and a first look at the flick's red-band trailer. Read on for more!

District 9 Blu-ray and DVD Art Hovers Over Us

The artwork for the December release of the ever-so-badass District 9 finally surfaced today to go along with the DVD and Blu-ray specs announced earlier, and we've got a look at the goods for ya!

DVD Releases: Oct. 20, 2009: Stay 100 Feet Away from The Whistler or You'll Take a Wrong Turn

It looks like a week of just a few hits and mostly misses when it comes to DVD and Blu-ray releases, but as always, it's our job to keep you guys in the loop on what's coming, so head on in and see what you might want to add to your collection.

Livestock Coming to DVD November 10th

We heard from writer/director Christopher DiNunzio today that his film Livestock has been picked up for distribution by R-Squared Films with a DVD release date of November 10, 2009.

Night of the Creeps Blu-ray / DVD Sneak Peek

When the announcement came that Night of the Creeps was finally hitting Blu-ray and DVD, there was much rejoicing. Lord knows it's been a long time coming! With the release just a couple of weeks away, we've got some cool stuff from the package for you to watch and enjoy!

2009 Reaper Award Winners!

Tonight saw the teaming of Dread Central and Home Media Magazine for the Reaper Awards 2009, celebrating the very best in horror Blu-ray and DVD, and now we've got the complete list of winners for your!

DVD Releases: Oct. 13, 2009: The Stepfather Has an Oral Fixation to Drag Me to Hell

Another great selection of DVDs hits store shelves this week (it's obviously October!) including one of the year's most fun films, Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell; the long-awaited Richard Stanley classic Hardware; Blu-rays of The Craft, Killer Movie, and Midnight Movie; and for the Robert Pattinson completists there's The Haunted Airman, a BBC television movie that was filmed five years ago and aired in the UK in 2006.

District 9 DVD and Blu-ray Specs

A couple of Dread Central staffers were discussing our preliminary picks for the best films of 2009 the other day, and one that we all agreed on was Neill Blomkamp's stellar District 9 (review here).