DVD News

DVD Releases: Nov. 17, 2009: Perform Rituals with Basement Jack in The Canyon

We have a little something for everyone this week: teenagers and newlyweds fighting for their survival, an alien-caused apocalypse, a revenge-starved botched abortion survivor, a Twilight spoof, and even a "dark" ballet.

First Word on Pandorum Home Video Release

The first word on the home video release of the sci-fi / horror spooker Pandorum slithered out online over the weekend as Anchor Bay has given the skinny on this upcoming release.

Death Race Sequel Drives Directly to Home Video

In case you didn't have enough of finding out exactly who shits on the sidewalk the first time out, the sequel to the remake of Death Race is now on its way from Universal.

The Video Dead (Almost) on DVD

You remember the VHS cover: a zombie, clawing its way out of a TV set. And that title? Totally 80’s, totally in blue neon with drippy, gruesome, haunted house lettering: The Video Dead, my friends. Heck it used to be on USA every Saturday growing up, hawked by Rhonda Shear or Commander USA. Well, as you know, it’s not on DVD ... yet.

Personalize Jennifer's Body with FoxPop

Along with its star Megan Fox and its distributor 20th Century Fox, Jennifer's Body can add another "fox" to its stable: something called FoxPop, which enables viewers of select DVDs and Blu-rays to use their iPhone or computer to create a personalized, social, and interactive entertainment experience.

Horror Coming Home: Zombie's Halloween II and Dead Snow

Information on when you can get your hands on two kind of underwhelming flicks that should have been a lot better dropped today. Zombie's psychobilly freak-out Halloween II and Tommy Wirkola's all too quirky zombie opus Dead Snow are both on their way!

DVD Releases: Nov. 10, 2009: Hurt the Intruder When It's Near Dark

You know it's a slow DVD release week when two of the offerings are a couple of rather obscure films whose main selling points are that they star folks from The Twilight Saga. And speaking of Twilight, if you can look at the new cover art for the Near Dark Blu-ray without thinking of those sparkly vamps, then you're one of the lucky ones.

First Look Taking Us to the Triangle

Finally some movement on the home video release of Chris (Severance, Creep) Smith's Triangle (review here)!

They Must Eat After Christmas

Twas several nights after Christmas, and all through the place creatures were stirring that will eat your face. Can't blame them, though - they must eat! In fact, They Must Eat is the name of a creature feature coming to DVD on December 29th. It's the horrifying tale of what happens when a bungling loser uses a pack of flesh-eating ghouls as his personal instruments of retribution.

Jennifer's Body DVD and Blu-ray Specs

Just the other day we got a look at the cover art for the December 29th DVD and Blu-ray release of Jennifer's Body, and now we have the specs to go along with it!

The Final Destination Crashes onto Blu-ray and DVD

The very gimmick-heavy fourth entry into Death's favorite franchise, The Final Destination, will be coming roaring home to Blu-ray and DVD on January 5th, 2010, along with some good and bad news.

Diagnosis Death DVD Trailer Hits

In preparation for a DVD release on December 29th, Lightning Entertainment has set loose a trailer for its latest horror comedy Diagnosis: Death. Directed by Jason Stutter, this new horror comedy stars Raybon Kan, Jessica Grace Smith, Suze Tye, and The Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie, Rhys Darby, and Jemaine Clement.

First Look: Jennifer's Body DVD Art

While no specific details are known as to what will be coming home with Megan Fox's demonic box office underachiever Jennifer's Body, the upcoming DVD artwork for the film's tentatively dated December 29th "unrated" DVD and Blu-ray release has shown up online. Will it give you a wetty? Whatever the hell that means?

DVD Releases: Nov. 3, 2009: See the Beast Within your Dark Mirror

It's a Foy-a-palooza this week with several releases that have his name all over them like Beast Within, Mutants (not the French film of the same name), Night Watcher, and Sand Serpents. Mixed in with those are the more promising sounding Dark Mirror and a four-pack of Hitchcock classics that includes Suspicion, Strangers on a Train, The Wrong Man, and I Confess.

I Can See You Screening and DVD Update

I Can See You, director Graham Reznick's mind-fuck film that stars Ben Dickinson, Heather Robb, and Larry Fessenden, came out on DVD earlier this week, but if you live in or around the Boulder, Colorado, area, you have the chance to catch it on the big screen as part of the city's International Film Series.