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UK DVD and Blu-Ray Specs for Stuart Hazeldine's Exam

A group of strangers embark on the most testing – and maybe final - job interview of their lives in Exam, coming to Blu-ray and DVD in the UK on June 7th, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Nominated for Outstanding Debut at this year’s BAFTAs, Exam is the acclaimed first feature from writer/director Stuart Hazeldine.

Meet Your Neighbor in New Trailer

Lionsgate's unrated director's cut of Robert A. Masciantonio's latest thriller, Neighbor, starring America Olivo will be hitting DVD on July 27th, and we've got the trailer for you to dig on in the interim.

CONTEST CLOSED! Three Weeks of The Wolfman Contest Part 1

In anticipation of the home video release of The Wolfman, Dread Central, in association with Universal, has put together a contest to keep you howling until the day it comes home -- June 1st!

First Blu-ray and DVD Details: Repo Men

Though mired in a bit of controversy due in part to the themes that it shares with Darren Bousman's Repo!: The Genetic Opera, Universal's Repo Men was actually kind of fun but a bit on the forgettable side. Will that change in this new unrated cut? We've got the scoop on the flick's home video release!

DVD Releases: 5/18/2010: A Southern Gothic Monster vs. The New Daughter in a Freakshow

It's a big week for "versus" films as we have AVH: Alien vs. Hunter, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (on Blu-ray solo and also in a two-pack with 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea), and The Navy vs. the Night Monsters. In addition a couple of other dual releases bow on May 18th: Book of Lore/Grave Mistakes and Invasion of Carol Enders/Come Die With Me.

Boris Karloff Fans Rejoice! Image Entertainment is Finally Bringing Home Thriller!

Now this is the way we love to end a Friday. Fans of Boris Karloff and classic horror television shows have long sought after the series "Thriller". It was available on VHS way back when and of course almost every bootlegger has peddled a copy online at one point or another, but now thanks to Image Entertainment the wait and the search are officially over!

Image Entertainment Brings Home Horror's Finale

Some believe in a nightmarish world of darkness and paranoia - full of specters and ghosts. On May 25th Image Entertainment presents Finale, a story of one family’s descent into that demonic landscape.

Wonderfully Macabre Dark Night of the Scarecrow DVD Artwork

Many a modern horror fan will argue 'til they're blue in the face that horror movies have to be R-rated to be any good. I'm guessing most of them have never seen the genuinely eerie 1981 made-for-TV chiller Dark Night of the Scarecrow. A chance to correct that oversight arrives this fall when this classic scarecrow shocker returns to terrorize DVD players.

Birdemic Flocks to the UK

Film fans in the UK will soon be able to feast their eyes on the sheer brain-melting cinematic incompetence of James Nguyen’s “modern classic” Birdemic as Severin Films today announced the UK premiere will take place at The Curzon Soho in London on May 28th.

Lionsgate to Introduce You to Your New Neighbor

What if the girl next door was a complete psychopath hellbent on your imminent demise? Some people may find that sick (yet strangely arousing) while others ... well, others would run screaming for the hills. Lionsgate is betting on the latter.

DVD Releases: 5/11/2010: A Tidal Wave of Daybreakers Brings a Terror Overload

One of the best mixes of home video releases we've seen so far this year hits store shelves on May 11th. What with a vampire movie geared toward adults that has actual adults starring in it, an end-of-the-world saga that pits the Archangel Michael against his winged brethren, and a couple of nature-run-amok entries, we have a little something for everyone.

Art and Details: Roger Corman's Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World

And Shout! Factory keeps right on doling out the goods as part of its Roger Corman Collection! Get ready for a look at what to expect from the upcoming releases of Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World. From the Press Release:

The UK Gets a Dose of Action Horror With S.N.U.B!

The horror tides across the pond have been pretty damned strong as of late as our friends in the UK have been getting original movie after original movie, while we get rehash after rehash. Next up on the list of cool flicks we don't have yet? The action horror vehicle S.N.U.B!.

DVD Releases: 5/4/2010: Put the Meadowoods Slasher in Cold Storage and Never Sleep Again

Only one genre related Blu-ray hits stores this week -- Escape from L.A. -- but a decent crop of DVDs accompanies it, including the documentary to end all documentaries, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.

New Clips: Shout! Factory's Gamera Re-Release!

One DVD we are DYING for is Shout! Factory's re-release of the original Gamera, The Giant Monster, if only so we can throw out all those awful cheapo copies that have been permeating the marketplace forever now. To get fans even more excited, two clips of the remastered flick have hit online, and we have them both for you right here.