DVD News

Good Luck Escaping THIS Corn Maze in October!

Cornfields are always a terrible place to be in a horror film. Once the sun goes down, it goes from a fixture of American agriculture to a scene of horror haunted by deranged pagan children, murderous scarecrows come to life, or, as in the case of the October DVD release The Maze, a corn maze becomes the perfect stalking grounds for a psychopathic slasher.

Official DVD Details: Robert Galluzzo's The Psycho Legacy

Though we've been talking about it for weeks, the good folks over at the Shout! Factory have made it official! Get ready for a look inside the DVD that's bound to drive its viewers a little mad!

Official Art and Specs: The Grindhouse Experience on Blu-ray

It's finally happening, folks! Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's celebration of gory B-movies, Grindhouse, will be coming home to Blu-ray high definition this fall, complete and with faux trailers intact, and we've got all of the details for you!

The Lost Tribe is Found on DVD

It's been a long road for The Lost Tribe to get released. It's been kicking around under several titles including The Forgotten Ones and simply just The Tribe and has been housed under several different shingles. Finally the good folks at Image Entertainment are bringing this one home.

Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne, and Michael Berryman Experience an Outrage Born in Terror

Just when I was thinking Swamp Shark would be the loopiest trailer I'd report on today, I come across this trailer for the new thriller Outrage Born in Terror starring Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne, and Michael Berryman coming to DVD in September. It starts out looking like a typical thriller about people being hunted in the woods by crazy rednecks, but then ...

DVD Art and Details: Anchor Bay's The Rig

With the disaster in the Gulf yielding monstrous results, it was only a matter of time before someone made a new horror flick on an oil rig. Nature is ready to strike back in the most unnatural of ways in the William Forysthe starrer The Rig, and we've got all the DVD details for you right here!

30 Days of Night: Dark Days - Cast and Crew Interviews

While at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, we had a chance to sit down with the folks behind 30 Days of Night: Dark Days - producer J.R. Young, director Ben Katai, and stars Rhys Coiro, Kiele Sanchez, and Diora Baird - and by doing so, we dug up some interesting things about the sequel for you to sink your teeth into. Dig it!

The Killer Inside Me Coming Home

Just yesterday we brought you the second international poster for The Killer Inside Me, and now we bring you news of the flick's home video release. We're good like that!

Dollhouse Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray: Special Code For Free Shipping + Discount + Litho

Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" series got a bit jerked around during its run on Fox TV, but its Season Two DVD/Blu-ray release is getting the royal treatment with fans who order from FoxConnect.com and use a special code getting free shipping, a 10% discount, and a copy of the limited edition San Diego Comic-Con lithograph.

New After.Life Blu-ray / DVD Clip

A new clip from Anchor Bay's latest thriller, After.Life, which is crashing onto Blu-ray and DVD this coming August 3rd, has surfaced, and we've got the goods for you right here.

Three New Images: Mirrors 2

Now that Mirrors 2 is hitting DVD and Blu-ray via Twentieth Century Fox on October 19th, 2010, the behind-the-scenes goodness has been coming hot and heavy. Today's dosage? Three new images, one totally exclusive! From the Press Release:

Madman - DVD Art and Specs

Finally something official pertaining to the long awaited re-release of the slasher classic Madman! That's right, kids! We've got the art, the date, and even a look at what you're gonna find on the DVD when you get it into your claws! Just be careful not to say his name above a whisper.

Lynch Mob Will Have You Bobbing for Italians this Halloween

"The Sopranos meets 2000 Maniacs" is how I described Lynch Mob in my review of the quirky cannibal horror comedy. I'm one of the few to have actually plunked down money to see the Lynch Mob during its one-week run in Carmike Theaters last September. You'll get your chance when the DVD finally hits in October.

Dorian Gray Aging His Way to Blu-ray and DVD

Oliver Parker's latest telling of the famed story of Dorian Gray is finally coming home to American DVD and Blu-ray, and we've got the skinny and the artwork for ya!

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) Officially Slithering its Way Home

One film that has made quite a stir this year is Tom Six's The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (review here). If you missed it on VOD and in theatres, you're not gonna want to miss it when it hits home video!