Drive Angry

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Amber Heard Kicks All Kinds of Ass in Drive Angry 3D!

A few days ago we flashed you a delicious glimpse of Amber Heard from the upcoming Drive Angry. Today we have some more details on what to expect from Heard in director Patrick Lussier's odyssey of murderous vengeance comin' at us in three bloody dimensions!

Stills and Concept Art - Drive Angry

Time for yet more stills and even some concept art for the latest Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier collaboration, Drive Angry! Dig it, baby!

A New Batch of Drive Angry Pictures

Is there any way one cannot be excited about Patrick Lussier's Drive Angry? From the exploitative premise to the colorful cast, this is one flick that seems rightly poised for the pleasures of 3D, and I'm dying for it. If you're like me, today's pictures should help reaffirm the fact that this will be a must see.

Todd Farmer - Happy to Drive Angry

Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer's next bit of cinematic madness, the Nicolas Cage revenge vehicle Drive Angry in 3D, is officially in the can, and the flick is set to have a big presence at this year's SD Comic-Con so what's left to do? Well, for co-writer Farmer it's time to blog and post images, that's what!

SDCC '10: Get Ready to Drive Angry at Comic-Con

Summit Entertainment's 3D tale of revenge, hot chicks, and Tom friggin' Atkins will be previewed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and we've got all the details for ya!

More Drive Angry News: Cage Says It's Another Foray into the Supernatural

None of the stories we've done thus far on Patrick Lussier's Drive Angry have mentioned any sort of "supernatural" element to the film, but according to its star, Nicolas Cage, that's exact what we have to look forward to.

Drive Angry: Patrick Lussier Talks the Benefits of Shooting in 3D as Opposed to 3D Conversion

With Clash of the Titans receiving a less than stellar reception from moviegoers in terms of how good the flick is in 3D given that it was filmed in 2D but later converted to the third dimension, some of you may be wondering why something so eye-popping is apparently playing so flat.

First Behind-the-Scenes Still: Tom Atkins in Drive Angry

We've been talking about Patrick Lussier's latest 3D carnage fest, Drive Angry, for quite some time now, and finally the first behind-the-scenes image has arrived from the set.

Katy Mixon Is the Next Hot Chica to Drive Angry

In their seemingly never-ending quest to fill the big screen with as much eye candy as possible, the folks behind the 3D feature Drive Angry have added yet another sultry cast member to their growing list of to drool over darlings.

Ready to Drive Angry with Christa Campbell?

You know, we're really starting to wonder just what the hell there is to drive so angry about! Every time we turn around, there's another incredibly smokin' hot chick added to the cast of Patrick Lussier's 3D revenge-fest! I mean, surrounded by all this hotness, how mad can you be?

Simona Williams Hunts Nicolas Cage in Drive Angry

Yet another villain has been named for Patrick Lussier's upcoming 3D smash-em-up Drive Angry, and if we were Cage, we'd just let her catch us. One look and you'll agree -- there have to be far worse ways to go!

Exclusive: Tom Atkins is BACK and Ready to Drive Angry

There's no greater time in our lives working within the industry than when we get to announce that the great, and we mean great, Tom Atkins is set to appear in a new film!

The Next to Drive Angry - Charlotte Ross

And another young lovely has been added to the cast of Patrick Lussier's latest 3D vehicle, Drive Angry. Charlotte Ross has signed on and we can't wait to see all sides of her in the third dimension!

David Morse to Drive Angry as Well

Creepy. For me it's a namesake. I respond when called by it as I would my birth name. The same cannot be said about David Morse because for him creepy is the exact vibe he can bring to a movie with the best of them.

Twilight's Billy Burke Next to Drive Angry

And the cast just keeps on growing for one of our most anticipated films of the year (if only for the good chance it stands of being bat-shit nuts): Patrick Lussier's Drive Angry, which will hopefully be hurling many a limb at us in glorious 3D.