Dracula: Year Zero

Universal's Latest Take on the Most Famous Vampire Renamed Dracula Untold

Seemingly out nowhere came the news earlier this year that production had begun on Universal's long talked about new Dracula film, which was at the time called Dracula: Year Zero. The Gary Shore-directed take on Bram Stoker's novella was then referred to simply as Dracula...

More Cast Members Put the Bite on Universal's Dracula

Several new actors are heading to Transylvania to take part in Universal's latest tale of the Count, Dracula (formerly Dracula Year Zero), including alumni of "Game of Thrones," Le Miserables, and more!

Zach McGowan Becomes a Gypsy Chief for Dracula

Another actor is heading to Transylvania to take part in Universal's latest tale of the Count, Dracula (formerly Dracula Year Zero), and somewhere out there Borat is waiting patiently to capture his tears in a tiny bottle.

Dominic Cooper Sets His Sights on Dracula

More star power is heading to Transylvania to take part in Universal's latest tale of the Count, Dracula (formerly Dracula Year Zero). Read on for the latest of who's next to put the bite on!

Sarah Gadon to be Seduced by Dracula

It sounds as if the Prince of Darkness may just have found a leading lady to sink his fangs into as Sarah Gadon (Cosmopolis, A Dangerous Method) is now in talks for a meaty role in Universal's Dracula (formerly Dracula Year Zero).

Universal's Latest Take on Dracula Gets a Release Date

Well now, that was fast. It was just a couple of weeks ago when we told you that Luke Evans had scored the lead role in Dracula (formerly Dracula: Year Zero), and now we already have a release date!

Luke Evans Grows Fangs for Dracula: Year Zero

Talk about under the radar... to little or no fanfare Universal greenlit the long talked about flick Dracula: Year Zero, and we even have a star ready to bare his fangs as the title character. Read on for details.

Dracula: Year Zero - Universal Circling Director

We've been talking about Universal's Dracula: Year Zero for a very long time around these parts, and it finally looks as if a director is close to being chosen.

Production Begins on Dracula: Year Zero

Yep, that's right, kids! You'll soon be seeing Sam Worthington taking up the role of Count Dracula in Alex Proyas' Dracula: Year Zero. Excited? We are. Though we're more curious to see how someone who is usually as wooden as the stakes that can take down even the baddest of bloodsuckers will handle playing one of horror's most charismatic heroes.

Sam Worthington to Put the Bite on Dracula: Year Zero

There's no doubt Hollywood's latest golden boy, Sam Worthington, is enjoying the fast track to stardom. From targeting Terminators to getting the blues in a little movie called Avatar to his upcoming tussle with the Titans, the man's making quite the career out of whipping ass. His next stop -- Alex Proyas' Dracula: Year Zero.

Proyas Offers Another Dracula: Year Zero Status Update

Now that he's done introducing Nicolas Cage and Nicolas Cage's hair to the Devil's Sudoku in Knowing, director Alex Proyas is more than ready to sink his teeth into Dracula: Year Zero. But what's taking so long to get going?

Proyas Talks Dracula: Year Zero Status

Whatever Alex Proyas does next, I hope he got the whole “working with Nicolas Cage” thing out of his system. There’s nothing worse than wanting to be excited for a film (in this case Knowing) but not being able to because of its star.

DeLuca Finds The Thirteenth Hour

Mike DeLuca, former president of production at New Line, is returning to the scaled-down label to produce an adaptation of the forthcoming time-travel thriller The Thirteenth Hour, written by Richard Doetsch, according to this morning’s Variety.

Alex Proyas and Realistic Vampires

Alex Proyas (Dark City) had many of us wondering just what he was going to do with the Dracula name when he spoke briefly about the project at SDCC 08. Indeed Mr. Proyas has great vision, but what could he bring to the vampire world that we haven't already seen before?