Do No Harm

NBC to Air Remaining Do No Harm Episodes on Saturday Nights Beginning in Late June

Were you among the tiny group who checked out "Do No Harm" before NBC yanked it after just two episodes due to its abysmal ratings? Or maybe you're curious as to exactly how bad it was. Well, you'll all have a chance to watch the remaining eps beginning June 29th.

Do No Harm Does No Good; NBC Cancels Series after Two Episodes

Well, we can't say we didn't see this coming, although we do feel bad for series star Steven Pasquale: After posting the lowest-rated scripted premiere in the history of the Big Four networks, "Do No Harm" has been taken off NBC's schedule after just two episodes.

NBC's Do No Harm Scores Lowest Rated In-Season Premiere Ever

We can't say we're completely surprised by this news, but after flying high for the past few months, it's gotta hurt the powers-that-be at NBC that last night's premiere of "Do No Harm" was the lowest rated in-season debut ever of any scripted show on any of the Big Four networks.

Image Gallery and Preview of Do No Harm Episode 1.02 - Don't Answer the Phone

With just one episode down, the jury's still out on NBC's "Do No Harm," but if you're leaning toward the positive side of the fence, we have a look at next week's Episode 1.02, "Don't Answer the Phone," by means of an overflowing image gallery and a preview of the ep.

Official Synopsis for Do No Harm Episode 1.03 - Me Likey

We're just a few days from the premiere of "Do No Harm" on NBC, but maybe you've already watched the pilot (see it here if not) and are already looking ahead to future installments. Here's what's coming in Episode 1.03, "Me Likey."

Image Gallery for Do No Harm Episode 1.01 - Pilot; Synopsis for Episode 1.02 - Don't Answer the Phone

With its January 31st premiere looming, NBC has released a big batch of stills for the "Pilot" episode of "Do No Harm" along with official synopses for both that ep and #1.02, "Don't Answer the Phone."

Character Posters for NBC's Do No Harm

Have you had a chance to check out the pilot for "Do No Harm" on NBC yet? No worries - we have it for you right here again along with a batch of new character posters for the show.

Check Out the Do No Harm Pilot in Its Entirety Right Here!

Curious about the Jekyll and Hyde sounding "Do No Harm"? Then why wait for its January 31st premiere date to check it out? NBC has released the pilot in its entirety, and we have it right here!

Another Preview of Do No Harm and More Details on James Cromwell's Role

With its January 31st premiere date looming, NBC's "Do No Harm" has released another new promo video, and to go along with it, we have additional info on the character James Cromwell ("American Horror Story: Asylum") will be portraying on the show.

'He Becomes Me' in New Promo for NBC's Do No Harm

With NBC set to premiere the new series "Do No Harm" in just a little over a month, the network has released another promo, this one entitled "He Becomes Me," in which the show's star, Steven Pasquale, describes how his alter-ego Ian Price takes over in true Jekyll and Hyde fashion. Check it out!

A Second Promo Checks In for NBC's Do No Harm

NBC's Jekyll and Hyde themed new series "Do No Harm" arrives on January 31st, and we have a look at the second promo for the show released by the network.

James Cromwell Moving from American Horror Story: Asylum to Do No Harm

James Cromwell has been utterly despicable in "American Horror Story: Asylum," and we love him for it. Now that he's signed on as a guest star in NBC's upcoming "Do No Harm," we have to wonder if he'll be turning back into the nice guy we usually see him portray.

New Promo for NBC's Premiere of Do No Harm

With its January 31st premiere date looming closer, the first promo video for "Do No Harm" has popped up on NBC, and of course we have it right here for you to check our. We're already fans of the show's lead, Steven Pasquale, from his "Rescue Me" days, so we'll be watching next month. What about you?

NBC Announces Premiere Date for Do No Harm and Return Date for Grimm

One midseason replacement TV show we've been keeping an eye on, "Do No Harm," finally has a premiere date, and when making the announcement, NBC also included news on when "Grimm" will be returning in 2013.

New Artwork for NBC's Hannibal and Do No Harm

Both "Hannibal" and "Do No Harm" will be premiering midseason on NBC, and the network has unveiled some new artwork for both. Check it out, and look for more on these two highly anticipated series soon!