UPDATED: A Tour of Tim Burton's Wonderland / Odeon Boycott Avoided

With its March 5th premiere approaching, Tim Burton's 3D vision of Alice in Wonderland is sure to appeal to genre fans. Which is why we're providing a video tour of the props, costumes, and set pieces from the film that Nomad recorded for us during last year's San Diego Comic-Con.

It's Like Twilight With Fallen Angels

Fallen is designed to be the first in a four-part book series that is just like Twilight but with a troubled teenage girl torn between two studly rival fallen angels. Someone at Disney must have been given marching orders to find the studio its own Twilight franchise because, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the company just snatched up the movie rights to Fallen, a book only published two days ago.

Columbia Talking Ghost Rider 2 with David Goyer

Nicolas Cage has been talking about a Ghost Rider sequel for over a year now (see an earlier story by Foy from 9/4/08) and nobody paid him much mind, but now the trades are getting into the act and throwing around David Goyer's name to boot.

Del Toro Teams with Disney for Trollhunters

Every time we do a news story about another project that Guillermo del Toro has attached himself to, we wonder how the heck he's going to squeeze it into his already overflowing schedule. But even as jaded as we are around these parts, we have to admit to feeling a twinge a excitement at the thought of del Toro teaming up with Disney to create new spooky animated films under the banner Disney Double Dare You.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Three Little Pigs

This week Trembles deconstructs the 1933 Disney favorite Three Little Pigs. You'll never look at it quite the same again!

Medicom's Mickey Mouse as Frankenstein

Medicom Toys has had a Disney license for some time now, and for good reason. Not only are their releases spot on, but they throw in unexpected twists on beloved characters. Disney may not delve into our world often, but Medicom is making sure we get some killer collectibles.

Exclusive: Race to Witch Mountain Interviews: Fickman, Gugino, and The Rock!

No, your eyes aren't lying. We have a story about Race to Witch Mountain here on Dread Central. Why? Because we were offered a chance to talk to "The Rock". Would you say no? Didn't think so.

Poster for Witch Mountain

The folks over at Trailer Addict just got a look at the poster for the questionable remake Race to Witch Mountain. I call it questionable both because one has to wonder if a remake was necessary and how valid its inclusion on our site is. But it’s here, so you’re just going to have to deal with it, ain’t cha?

Race to Witch Mountain Trailer Live!

The first trailer for Race to Witch Mountain, the new, re-imagined, updated and reconfigured version of Escape to Witch Mountain, is now live and kicking over at Yahoo! Movies, so go check it out!

Disney Nabs Monster Attack Network

The Mouse House is getting into the monster business with their acquisition of Monster Attack Network, a graphic novel penned by Marc Bernadrin and Adam Freeman, according to Variety.

Rock on Witch Mountain

Well, there goes any desire I had to give the new Witch Mountain a chance. I mean sure it’s a kids movie so you have to expect some level of stunt casting but this?