David W. Edwards

Trailer Zooms in for Nightscape

It's been a long while since there was anything to report regarding writer-director David W. Edwards' killer car tale, Nightscape, but with patience comes good things. Case in point: Check out a brand new trailer for the flick!

David W. Edwards Announces Nightscape Cast

Following closely on the heels of the initial teaser trailer we showed you last week, Nightscape, the twistedly unique vision of writer-director David W. Edwards, now has an official cast. And if the trailer is any indication as to what these players are in for, they should have their hands full with the flick's assorted band of nasties.

Nightscape Revving Up Production! First Trailer and Teaser Posters!

The early trailer for Nightscape paints a surreal picture of a world not quite in line with reality. Oozing, pulsating pods house unspeakable creatures in various stages of metamorphosis while death hides in plain sight. What appears to be peaceful and at rest is actually being victimized. An impressive feast for the eyes, and that's just the teaser!