David Twohy

Get Ambushed by the First Clip from Riddick

Yahoo! Movies has scored the first clip from the highly anticipated new film Riddick, and we have this bad boy hot, fresh, and ready for you right here. Start counting the days, fiends. We're almost there! Look for Riddick in theatres on September 6, 2013.

Vin Diesel and David Twohy Chronicle the Future of Riddick

We're just over two weeks away from the release of Riddick, the third film in the Vin Diesel-starring franchise that began with 2000's Pitch Black. Too soon to start talking about the future of the franchise? We think not!

The Hunter and The Hunted Appear in Latest Riddick Stills

A pair of new stills from Riddick graced the pages of Entertainment Weekly's Fall Movie Preview issue, and we've snagged 'em and have 'em for you right here with an extra helping of pissed off Furyan.

Time's Up in this New Trailer for Riddick

A shitload of beasties make their presence known in this badass new trailer for Riddick that comes courtesy of Regal Entertainment. Yep, that's the Furyan we know and love. Is it September yet?

A Triple Dose of TV Spots for Riddick

On tap for you fans of the Riddick flicks right now are not one, not two, but three TV spots for the upcoming R-rated return to form for Vin Diesel's signature character. Check them out!

A Beast of a Motion Comic Released for Riddick

On tap for you fans of the Riddick flicks are both a new motion comic and the first image in a line of new stills that will be revealed every Friday from now until the flick's release as part of Universal's "Furyan Fridays" ad campaign. Dig 'em!

#SDCC 2013: New Red-Band Riddick Trailer Brings the Goods

If you weren't excited for the flick before, then this new red-band trailer for Riddick should more than do the trick for you. Check it out and start counting the days to getting some good old fashioned R-rated action!

Two More Riddick Trailers To Get The Blood Pumping!

As an abashed fan of the Riddick character, I await the upcoming Riddick in great anticipation. While I'm bummed that this looks like Pitch Black Redux, I can't really say a single thing bad about any of the promotional materials Universal has released so far. This movie is looking good.

Two New Animalistic Riddick Images

The official Twitter account for the upcoming Riddick movie has released two new bits of concept art from the flick. Check 'em out. They're actually pretty damned cool. Look for more on this project throughout Comic-Con.

First Riddick TV Spot Plays for Blood

Though it's still pretty damned early, the first TV spot for Riddick has arrived and features the title character ready to cause some type of murderous R-rated mayhem. What else did you expect? A PG13-rated flick? Oh... wait...

New Riddick Poster Ready to Pounce

Another new one-sheet for Riddick has arrived and features the title character ready to cause some type of murderous R-rated mayhem. Lord, we just cannot wait! Check it out and look for more on this one soon!

Subtle New Riddick IMAX One-Sheet

When you have a character as badass as Riddick, you really don't have to do much when it comes to the film's one-sheets, and this latest IMAX version definitely knows that less is in fact sometimes more. Check it out!

Over a Dozen New Stills from Riddick Rule the Dark

Lots of new photos from the upcoming R-rated Riddick flick have made their way to the Internet thanks to their amazing ability to see in the dark and the mythical download button we utilize whenever we can. Check 'em out here.

International Riddick Trailer Home to Lots of Monstrous Action

Excited for the upcoming R-rated Riddick flick? Then you're about to get even more excited as this international trailer for Riddick does nothing less than kick a whole lot of ass. It's home to new footage too! Check it out!

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Take a Shine to This New Riddick Comic-Con Poster

The first custom one-sheet made specifically for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con has hit the Internet, and it's in promotion of Vin Diesel's latest turn as the intergalactic outlaw Riddick! Get ready to rule the dark!