David Greenwalt

Previews, Photos, and Full Synopsis for NBC's Grimm

As we told you last week, NBC has added the fairy tale-themed "Grimm" to its upcoming fall schedule. Here are a few video previews, interviews, photos, and the full plot synopsis to help you decide if "Grimm" will be added to your DVR rotation.

Things Looking Grimm For NBC

In the wake of the really crappy news that "Locke and Key" hasn't been picked up for the upcoming season of television, at least one network has made sure they have room for a new episodic horror show.

Kate Burton Joins NBC's Grimm

More TV pilot casting news has come in (boy, are genre-themed shows popular this year!), this time for NBC's dark but fantastical cop drama "Grimm". Joining the cast as a "special guest star" is Kate Burton.

Two More Cast Members Sign on for NBC's Grimm

And the cast for NBC's potential new series "Grimm" has expanded by two, adding Russell Hornsby ("Lincoln Heights") and Bitsie Tulloch ("Quarterlife") to the previously announced David Giuntoli and Silas Weir Mitchell.

Casting Begins for NBC's Grimm

The latest bit of episodic horror to be hitting network TV, "Grimm", has scored itself a lead and then some. Read on for the details!

Marc Buckland Trades in His Scrubs for a Walk on the Grimm Side

With the announcement of the new NBC show "Grimm" came a lot of questions. Would this be a horror show? Would it be a comedy? Would it be worthy of us covering it at all? We're starting to lean toward the "no" side of the fence.

Things Looking Grimm for NBC

Episodic horror is turning the networks on lately with the success of shows like "The Walking Dead". Everyone is getting in on the horror act lately. It's about time the rest of the industry started playing catch up. Maybe soon they'll even give the genre some respect!