Dark Highway

Author Dan Thomas Leads Us Down a Dark Highway

Looking for some fresh reading material for your Kindle or iPad bookshelf? How about thumbing through Dan Thomas' zombie horror novella Dark Highway about a hapless young salesman who is zombified by listening to sales motivation tapes?

Nicolas Cage to Go Nuts on a Dark Highway?

Let us be clear ... any film in which Nicolas Cage goes crazy in any capacity whatsoever is one that we are all over. If lunacy were fuel, this man could launch a rocketship to Mars. That's why we're especially happy to hear about what could be his new flick, Dark Highway.

Bruce McDonald Heads Out on to the Dark Highway

Picture this ... you're hurrying to get somewhere and all of a sudden you realize you're being chased. Or maybe it's your imagination. Either way, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you.