Dark Christmas

Director Profile: Deon Taylor

I had the pleasure of first meeting Deon Taylor during my set visit for Dark Christmas in Sacramento in December, 2009. What struck me initially is that the writer/director/producer was a lot like this scribe, just an all-around movie geek with a love for the horror genre.

Exclusive Set Visit: Deon Taylor's Dark Christmas / Updates on Chain Letter and Dead Tone

It’s not often that you get an opportunity to talk extensively with both Bud Bundy and the Candyman all in one day. But that was just one of the treats from this writer’s visit to the set of Dark Christmas, which appropriately lensed last week in Sacramento.

Exclusive: Tony Todd Talks Dark Christmas, Hatchet 2, and Candyman IV

Recently Dread Central had the opportunity to catch up with iconic horror actor Tony Todd, who was working on the film Dark Christmas and had a lot to say about some upcoming projects -- including a return for Candyman!

Deon Taylor Poised to Spread Some Holiday Fear with Dark Christmas

I'm one of the many out there who were surprised by Deon Taylor's horror anthology Nite Tales (review here). Despite a few technical hiccups and a truly wretched performance from Flava Flav, the flick more than did its thing as far as being a competent little spooker. We just got word that Taylor's ready to start in on his latest flick -- Dark Christmas.