Danny Elfman

New Frankenweenie Featurette Resurrects the Dead

A new behind-the-scenes look at Tim Buton's Frankenweenie landed on our doorstep, and we jolted it with a bit of electricity, uploaded it to get its blood pumping, and present it to you now free of the effects of rigor mortis.

New Frankenweenie Clip Sparks to Life

The second clip from Tim Burton's next full length animated film, Frankenweenie, is here; and it's absolutely electric. Well, not really, but it does feature some wonderfully spooky usage for electricity! Dig it!

First Frankenweenie Clip Evokes Cherished Memories of Vincent Price

The first clip from Tim Burton's next full length animated film, Frankenweenie, is finally here; and not only does it look simply amazing aesthetically, it also warms our hearts with a visual nod to the true master of horror.

Take a 3D Tour of the Frankenweenie Sets! No Glasses Required!

While we all wait patiently to find out if the feature length version of Frankenweenie is as charming as its short film cousin, not one, but two set tours have shown up all interactive-like. Check 'em out!

Frankenweenie's London Film Festival Premiere to Be Simulcast in 30 Cinemas Across the UK

Frankenweenie is making its European premiere by opening the 56th BFI London Film Festival, and lucky UK residents can watch simultaneous premieres in 30 cinemas nationwide. The festival will also host The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition from 17 to 21 October.

Two New Frankenweenie TV Spots Funk up Your Friday!

Man, today has been heavy on the news so we hope you cats are keeping up. While everyone else's work day winds down, we have two new electrifying TV spots for Tim Burton's next full length animated film, Frankenweenie! Dig it!

Frankenweenie Warns Moviegoers to Fear the Wrath of Mr. Whiskers; Go Behind-the-Scenes

You have all seen them and heard them. The vile inconsiderate bastards who go to the movies not to enjoy the film but to do it just because it seems like the thing to do at the time. Here's hoping they ALL face the wrath of Mr. Whiskers.

New Frankenweenie Imagery is Both Morbid and Cute!

Never before have we ever had such a strong urge to reach down and pet the living dead, but damn it these latest stills from Tim Burton's Frankenweenie are making it impossible to resist!

A Gallery's Worth of New Frankenweenie Character Posters

Read to get up close and personal with all the major players in Frankenweenie? Well then, get comfortable and check out our gallery of nine new character posters that landed online recently for the upcoming Tim Burton animated adventure.

Fantastic Fest 2012: Frankenweenie to Premiere!

Fantastic Fest is less than three months away, and like all dedicated genre film nerds, I’m beyond excited. Located in Austin, Texas, Fantastic Fest is the country’s largest genre festival, taking over the South Lamar Drafthouse for eight days of movies, food, parties, and like-minded film geeks choosing fun over sleep.

Second Frankenweenie Trailer Sparks to Life

A second trailer for Tim Burton's feature length version of his short film Frankenweenie has hit the interwebs, and we have every glorious black and white pixel of it right here on tap and ready to start twitching. Dig it!

Frankenweenie Cast Stills Electrify Your Bones

Some new character images from Tim Burton's feature length version of his short film Frankenweenie have hit the interwebs, and we've got them all for you right here! Flick the switch! Let the lightning strike! Dig it!

Disney Takes Frankenweenie on Tour

Walt Disney Studios announced today that they are launching a touring exhibition featuring the art of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, the acclaimed director’s stop-motion animated feature film releasing on October 5, 2012.

New International Frankenweenie One-Sheet Barks at the Moon

I see a bad moon rising. I see a poster on its way. You will too, kids, once you take a quick gander at this latest one-sheet for Tim Burton's feature length version of his short film Frankenweenie! Start your howling!

Official Frankenweenie Image Gallery Electrifies the Interwebs

We've sunk our claws into over a dozen new stills from Tim Burton's feature length version of his short film Frankenweenie and have every pixel of them here for your perusal! Check it out!