Daniel Simpson

Spiderhole (2011)

Starring Emma Griffiths Malin, Amy Noble, George Maguire, John Regan, Reuben-Henry Biggs Directed by Daniel Simpson

Official Trailer Debut: IFC Midnight's Spiderhole

Horror's best friend, IFC Midnight, is plugging away bringing us horror flicks from around the world you normally would have a hell of a time tracking down here in the States. Case in point: the ghostly new flick from the UK Spiderhole!

IFC Crawls into a Spiderhole

More distro news headed our way, this time concerning horror's best friend of late, IFC. A deserted apartment is about to become home for horror in this latest film coming our way from across the pond.

Born Creator Unveils Spiderhole

While Daniel Simpson is still waiting for things to move on the freaky stop-motion nightmare Born, he managed to get up the funding and time to shoot another film called Spiderhole.

Stillborn for Jennifer Connelly

I miss claymation, but what I miss more is stop-motion being used in horror films. Why can't we have little clay figures coming to life and murdering people again? Well, we could have had something similar to that with Born. It's the story of a married couple who move to England. The husband is a claymation artist who uses the local area's red clay to make his models. All would be jolly if those damn tiny sculptures wouldn't keep coming to life...

Born Poster Found

The other day we gave you the first news on Born, a new film coming our way from the pen of Clive Barker, the producing chair of Guilermo Del Toro and the direction of Dan Simpson (read it here). More info came down the wire today, so we shall keep our promise of keeping you guys in the loop.

Amazing Cast & Crew for Born!

All right, now this one sounds very interesting....