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A Sneak Peek of Tonight's Episode 1.04 of The Originals - Girl in New Orleans

Is Klaus' plan evil in nature? We sure hope so; otherwise, what's the point of having one of TV's biggest bads on your show? Here's a clip from "The Originals" Episode 1.04, "Girl in New Orleans," to shed a bit of light on things.

Image Gallery and Preview of The Originals Episode 1.04 - Girl in New Orleans

We find ourselves enjoying "The Originals" much more than we thought we would and are already looking forward to next week. If you're in the same surprising boat, check out this look at Episode 1.04, "Girl in New Orleans."

New Promo for The Originals and a Clip from Episode 1.03 - Tangled Up in Blue

We're surprised at how much we're enjoying "The Originals" so far (no high schoolers helps) although they better get Elijah back in action soon! Will he reappear next week? Check out a new promo and clip from "Episode 1.03, "Tangled Up in Blue," for clues.

Image Gallery and Preview of The Originals Episode 1.03- Tangled Up in Blue

With the third episode on its way, it's party time on The CW's "The Originals." Grab a costume, and get ready for betrayal at the Masquerade Ball... N'awlins style!

Three Stars from The Originals Introduce Previews of Episode 1.02 - House of the Rising Son

In just a few hours "The Originals" lands in its regular Tuesday 8PM ET/PT spot on The CW, and in honor of the occasion we have three more previews of Episode 1.02, "House of the Rising Son."

Klaus Turns on the Charm in this Clip from The Originals Episode 1.02 - House of the Rising Son

While we wait to find out Elijah's fate after last night twist ending on "The Originals," we have a clip from next week's Episode 1.02, "House of the Rising Son," which asks if Klaus' charm will work in Marcel's favor.

Image Gallery and Preview of The Originals Episode 1.02 - House of the Rising Son

So, did you tune in for the premiere of "The Originals"? Will you be back next week? Here to whet your appetites is some eye candy for Episode 1.02, "House of the Rising Son," in the form of an image gallery and preview.

New Clip from The Originals Episode 1.01 - Always and Forever

In exactly one week "The Originals" debuts on The CW with Episode 101, "Always and Forever," and as this new clip from the ep demonstrates, it's tough to be a witch in New Orleans!

An Abundance of Eye Candy from The Originals Episode 1.01 - Always and Forever

The original episode of "The Originals" airs in just a little over a week, and if you're among the fans of the show who can't wait one minute longer, here's a huge gallery of photos from Ep. 101, "Always and Forever."

New Previews for The Originals; Interviews with Daniel Gillies and Daniella Pineda

The CW is beginning its big push for "The Originals," premiering October 3rd, and today we have two new previews and two video interviews two share - one with fan favorite Daniel Gillies (Elijah) and the other with Daniella Pineda (Sophie).

More Videos for The Originals: See the Elijah Preview and Hear from Daniella Pineda

The CW has rolled out another video interview featuring one of the stars of its upcoming spinoff series "The Originals" along with a new preview that features fan favorite Daniel Gillies as Elijah.

A Pretty Little Liar Joins the Cast of The Originals

Ready to close out your Monday work day with some casting news for an upcoming new TV show on The CW? If you're a fan of "The Originals," then you'll want to read on for the info.

Another Preview Arrives for The Originals

Apparently that extended promo The CW released yesterday for its new series "The Originals" just wasn't enough as they've now provided us with a preview entitled "Jealousy."

Get a Better Look at The Originals

Now that the spring TV Upfronts are over, we can catch our breath and start doling out some of the goods that the networks provided during the week. First up are a few new images from The CW's "The Originals."

Watch the First Preview of The Vampire Diaries Spinoff The Originals

"Vampire Diaries" spinoff "The Originals" has one thing going for it for sure: All the characters are actual adults, rather than teenagers for a change! Check out the first preview of the show heading our way this fall on The CW.