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New Tulpa One-Sheet Shows its Scars

A brand new and kind of disturbing one-sheet for the Italian giallo-esque thriller Tulpa has hit the world weird web, and we have every scarred up pixel of it right here for your perusal. Check it out!

Red Band Tulpa Trailer and New Stills Spread the Red

It's been awhile since last we reported on the Italian giallo-esque thriller Tulpa, but finally we have a brand new red-band trailer and a few stills for you cats to dig on. There's still no US release date, but we'll keep our ears to the ground.

A Look Behind the Scenes of Federico Zampaglione's Tulpa

An update has come in for the Italian giallo-esque thriller Tulpa including some behind-the-scenes photos, release info, and a look at one of the film's leading ladies. It you're in Italy, you can see Federico Zampaglione's Tulpa at the end of 2012 or early 2013.

In Italy Even The Perfect Marriage Can End in Bloodshed

When you live with or marry someone, the road can get kind of bumpy. Usually things are easily smoothed out with a little attention and communication, but sometimes... sometimes the shit just hits the fan. Case in point: the new horror flick from Italy The Perfect Marriage (Il Marito Perfetto).