Short Film Cougars Has Some Real Bite

We've got a new nightmare to show you! Filmmaker Lonnie Martin is eager to share his short film Cougars, and believe us when we tell you it's totally worth a look. There's no Courteney Cox here; these Cougars are fierce!

Sneak Peek at Cougars Bares its Claws

Here at Dread Central we're fans of many things ... especially cougars. You can keep your gum-chewing nubile young lasses. We'll take the ladies with experience, thank you very much. Unless of course said ladies turn into snarling beasts looking to tear us to pieces.

Cougars Ready to Bare Their Claws

Remember back in the day when they would say that men age more gracefully than women? Obviously that generation wasn't privy to the smoking hot and experienced world of modern day cougars. However, the ladies you're about to meet take that term to the extreme!