Cory Hardrict

Three New Warm Bodies Roll in for Summit

When it comes to beating off the living dead, the more people you have helping you, the better. Wait ... no, that sentence didn't exactly come out the way that I meant it. Let's try that again ... When beating off hordes of zombies ... no, that didn't work either. Either way read on for casting news.

TIFF 2011: Preferred Content Acquires The Day

With the Toronto International Film Festival getting ready to open up its doors, films are already landing distro. Case in point: director Doug Aarniokoski post-apocalyptic thriller The Day.

Cory Hardrict Talks Soldiering Up for Battle: Los Angeles and The Day

Ever since SDCC 2010, one of my must-see flicks for this year has been Battle: Los Angeles, the alien invasion flick starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and Bridget Moynahan.