Cory Hardrict

Image Gallery for Summit's Warm Bodies

Just the other day we got a look at the first four minutes of the upcoming Warm Bodies, directed by Jonathan Levine, and now Summit has released an entire gallery's worth of images from the film.

Dig Up the First Four Minutes of Warm Bodies

And the barrage of video content continues with the opening moments of the clever looking horror comedy Warm Bodies. Pull up a chair and show your dead some love. Cadavers can be mucho cuddly, you know.

No Funny Business in German Warm Bodies Poster

Germany is serious business, man. If you need proof, take their one-sheet for Warm Bodies. You won't be finding any puns like you will on the American posters. Nope, instead they get straight down to business.

New Quad Poster Perfect to Wrap Your Warm Bodies In

We've seen a myriad of one-sheets here Stateside for the upcoming zombie comedy Warm Bodies, but now our friends across the pond have gotten their very own. Check it out right here. Dig it!

More Warm Bodies One-Sheets to Tickle Your Funny Bones and Then Some!

Several new one-sheets have arrived for Summit Entertainment's upcoming zombedy Warm Bodies, and just like the trailers we've seen thus far, and the other posters that have come before them, they're pretty damned clever. Check 'em out!

Cozy Up to Some New Stills from Summit's Warm Bodies

Last week we got our hands on the second trailer for Summit Entertainment's upcoming zombedy Warm Bodies, and now, to kick off your work week, we have a pair of new stills to share.

Spend 60 Seconds with Some Warm Bodies

A new trailer has made its way online in support of the surprisingly clever looking horror comedy Warm Bodies, and as always you can find it right here next to the autopsy table and six-gallon tub of formaldehyde. Dig it!

Day, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Ashley Bell, Shawn Ashmore, Shannyn Sossamon, Cory Hardrict, Michael Eklund, Dominic Monaghan Directed by Doug Aarniokoski

Watch an Exclusive Clip from The Day

Ready to take a break from online shopping this hectic Cyber Monday? Then check out this exclusive clip from The Day (review) Blu-ray/DVD, which hits store shelves tomorrow, November 27th!

Latest Warm Bodies Poster Will Have You Loving the Dead

Thanks in part to a clever trailer, fans have really warmed up to the zombie romance flick known as Warm Bodies. In case you missed the preview, we have it for you here along with a new poster. Check 'em out!

First Look at the Trailer for Warm Bodies Makes You Wanna Snuggle with a Corpse

Every day that movies like this come our way, all I can think about is the time when everyone realizes that necrophilia is actually pretty disgusting. That being said, check out this all too cute trailer for Warm Bodies.

Ready to Snuggle with the Dead? Check Out the New Teaser Poster for Warm Bodies

MTV nailed down the exclusive on a new teaser poster for Summit's Warm Bodies. We can hear the tweens swooning already! Little do they realize that this whole Twilight craze about loving the dead is nothing more than dressed-up necrophilia.

The WWE Has its Day on Blu-ray and DVD

Filmmaker Douglas Aarniokoski's post-apocalyptic siege flick The Day (review) is getting set to make its home video debut courtesy of WWE Studios and Anchor Bay Entertainment. Read on for details.

We Wrestle with the Review for the WWE's The Day

Filmmaker Douglas Aarniokoski's post-apocalyptic siege flick The Day is playing in limited release courtesy of WWE Studios and Anchor Bay Entertainment, and we have the verdict on whether it's victorious or if it tapped out like Triple H at Summerslam!

Day, The (2012)

Starring Shawn Ashmore, Dominic Monaghan, Ashley Bell, Shannyn Sossamon, Cory Hardrict, Michael Eklund Directed by Douglas Aarniokoski