Colin Salmon

Boris Kodjoe Next to Get Retribution in Latest Resident Evil Film

Another actor has confirmed his involved with the latest Resident Evil flick, Resident Evil: Retribution, via the magic of Twitter; and as always we're here to make the catch and deliver the goods for ya!

Colin Salmon Looking for Retribution in New Resident Evil

Remember the good old days of the Resident Evil films before Paul Anderson lost his mind and riddled them with nonsense? There was no 3D, ridiculous slow motion battle sequences, or seventy-five costume changes per movie for Milla. There were, however, zombies and passable acting. One of said passable actors is now returning to the franchise, and hopefully he'll bring with him a bit of the common sense that was missing completely from the last two flicks.

UK DVD and Blu-Ray Specs for Stuart Hazeldine's Exam

A group of strangers embark on the most testing – and maybe final - job interview of their lives in Exam, coming to Blu-ray and DVD in the UK on June 7th, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Nominated for Outstanding Debut at this year’s BAFTAs, Exam is the acclaimed first feature from writer/director Stuart Hazeldine.

IFC Takes Stuart Hazeldine's Exam

Yet another film has just picked up distro from the company that is quickly becoming known as the horror fan's best friend! Ah, IFC! How we love you so!

A Clip to Help You Pass Stuart Hazeldine's Exam

The first clip for Stuart Hazeldine's thriller Exam, which will be arriving in UK cinemas on January 8th, has just found its way online and is ready to learn you something!

Official Quad One-Sheet: Exam

Some artwork slipped online today for Stuart Hazeldine's thriller Exam, which will be arriving in UK cinemas on January 8th.

See the Trailer for British Thriller Exam

British writer/director Stuart Hazeldine's Exam premieres in theatres just after Christmas in the UK, and the film's trailer was recently released online. Luke Mably stars in Exam, which some are saying could be the thriller of the new year. Check out the trailer, and see if you agree.

Devil's Curse, The (DVD)

Reviewed by KW Low, General Manager Starring Colin Salmon, Stephen Gately, Clayton Watson, MyAnna Buring, Rhea Bailey Directed by Toni Harman Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment