Chason Hunter

Update and New Trailer for Echo Lake

When we first heard about Echo Lake last December, it was slated to be a web series, but things have changed as co-writer (with Kelsey Zukowski) and director Jonathan Moody now tells us it's turned into a feature. They're in the midst of fundraising to finish shooting this winter, and to help move things along in that regard, they've released a new trailer.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at New Webseries Echo Lake

Filmmaker Jonathan Moody, who is in the works on horror webseries "Scream Queen Campfire" and the horror anthology Trick or Eat, has created another new webseries being planned to debut April 12th, 2011, called "Echo Lake". It's a horror mystery thriller about a small town beset by a relentless serial killer. Anyone can be a suspect, and anyone can also be a victim.