Bryan Fuller

Starz Developing Neil Gaiman's American Gods with Hannibal's Bryan Fuller

Back in November of 2012, it looked like an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods was heading to HBO, but things have changed a bit with the potential series now in the works at Starz with "Hannibal" creator Bryan Fuller co-writing the pilot.

Hugh Dancy Talks Hannibal Season 3

One of the big questions we were left pondering after the shocking Season 2 finale of NBC's "Hannibal" was whether or not Will Graham would make it to Season 3, and who better to ask such a question than Graham himself, Hugh Dancy? Read on to find out what the star recently had to say about the future of the character!

Bryan Fuller Offers Up a Few Clues of What's Ahead in Hannibal Season 3

Now that a little time has passed and we've come to terms with the Season 2 finale of "Hannibal," we've begun to ponder what's ahead in Season 3. Fortunately, series creator Bryan Fuller chatted with TV Guide following Friday night's episode and provided a few juicy teasers for us all...

Spend a Little Time in the Kitchen With Hannibal!

The final Season 2 episode of NBC's "Hannibal" airs tonight, and we, like you, are all sweaty with anticipation! To help pass the time until we're served a heaping helping of the horrific goods, YouTuber Dylan Dubeau has created a truly inventive and funny video! Check it out!

Latest Hannibal Post Mortem Video Features Star Hugh Dancy

Have you been enjoying the "Hannibal" companion web series "Post Mortem with Scott Thompson"? What we assume is the final episode has arrived, and this one features series star Hugh Dancy chatting with Thompson. Read on to see what they're chatting about!

Is Hannibal Really a Comedy? Creator Bryan Fuller Seems to Think So!

Do you ever laugh out loud when watching "Hannibal"? As seasoned horror fans, no doubt many of us do. And someone else who does is series creator Bryan Fuller, who was recently interviewed for the web series "Post Mortem with Scott Thompson."

Eddie Izzard Returning for Hannibal Season 2

Well now, here's something to be thankful for: Eddie Izzard has confirmed that he will be returning in Season 2 of NBC's "Hannibal"! All we need now is for the network to finally announce the show's return date, and we'll be really happy.

Horny New Hannibal Season 2 Poster Ready to Stick it to You

Season 2 of NBC's incredible series "Hannibal" is on its way, and today Bryan Fuller shared a new one-sheet for the show that pretty much represents everything we like about it. He also revealed the title of the first episode! Check it out!

Indulge in this Tasty Trailer for Hannibal: Season One on Blu-ray and DVD

During this year's San Diego Comic-Con, home video details were released for Hannibal: Season One, which is heading our way on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Download on September 24th, and today we have a trailer to share.

Will Graham Facing the Death Penalty in Hannibal Season Two?

Back in July, Season One of NBC's incredible show "Hannibal" left us all hanging on the proverbial cliff, wondering what the fate of FBI investigator Will Graham, who found himself accused of murder, would be.

New Hannibal Video Reminds Us of The Price of Imagination

Here it is another Thursday, and if you're missing your weekly fix of "Hannibal" as much as we are, you'll be happy to hear NBC has released a new video that contains some "graphic, violent imagery" from the show. Just what the doctor ordered!

#SDCC 2013: Hannibal Season 1 Home Video Details; Comic-Con Gag Reel

NBC's phenomenal show "Hannibal" is coming home, and we have the first details and box art for you hot and fresh along with a gag reel that played at this year's Comic-Con! Dig it!

#SDCC 2013: A Few Tasty Morsels of What's Ahead in Hannibal Season 2; Watch the Entire Panel

Horror fans love to discuss, debate, and disagree; however, one thing we all seem to be in agreement on is that we can't get enough of NBC's "Hannibal"! Here are a few tidbits of what's ahead in Season 2.

David Bowie Being Courted by NBC to Play Hannibal's Uncle; Another New Season 2 Character Revealed

Now this... this is some news that we find extremely exciting. According to E! News, an offer has been made by Bryan Fuller and NBC for David Bowie to appear on Season Two of "Hannibal" as a close family member of our resident serial killer.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Hannibal Cast and Crew Heading to the Show

The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con just got a whole lot more interesting for this woman as word has come that Gaumont International Television is hosting a "Hannibal" panel on July 18th!