Things Get Brutal on the Indie Scene

With films like Raze getting a lot of attention lately, the question beckons... will combat horror be the next subgenre to hit it big? Given that Donald Lawrence Flaherty’s Brutal has added aliens to the mix, it just might!

Michael Patrick Stevens' Film Brutal Completed and Seeking Distro

Writer/director Michael Patrick Stevens' first feature film, Brutal, is in the can and ready to make its mark on the horror world. Read on for some details from this soon to be released project.

Death at Sea in Mills' Inside Passage

Gold Circle Films, which has been known for producing some duds (White Noise 2) and some under-appreciated classics (Slither) in its time, has just nabbed a new script that will hopefully appeal to us genre freaks. It’s called Inside Passage and was penned by Jonathan W.C. Mills (pictured).