Brandyn Williams

Come Face-to-Face with a Reaper in this Exclusive New Still from A Grim Becoming

We haven't heard much about Adam R. Steigert's horror comedy A Grim Becoming since its trailer was released in November of last year, but a new still has arrived along with an update.

Fear the Reaper in this New Trailer for A Grim Becoming

Ever wonder where reapers come from? A Grim Becoming explores that concept, and a new trailer has arrived for the horror comedy from Adam R. Steigert that's set for release in June of next year.

Theatrical Poster Arrives for Horror Comedy A Grim Becoming

We still have several months to wait until the June 2014 release of DefTone Pictures Studios' A Grim Becoming, but in the meantime the film's official theatrical poster has arrived. Check it out, and look for a new trailer soon!