Brandon Slagle

Teaser Trailer, Stills, and First Details on Patient Zero

Writer/director Brian T. Jaynes dropped us a line to let us know that the teaser trailer for his newest project, Patient Zero, is now available, and we have it for you right here along with a few stills and other details regarding the film.

Where the Dead Go to Die Hitting DVD and Blu-ray on February 21st

We recently got word about the DVD and Blu-ray release of Jimmy ScreamerClauz's animated Where the Dead Go to Die from Unearthed Films on February 21st and are happy to share the cover artwork and the flick's trailer. Check it out!

A Cult of Indie Scream Queens Crash onto DVD

So how does this grab you ... twelve stories of horror, sex, murder, and mayhem. Over two hours of everything from psychological thrillers to psychosexual killers! Cheerleaders to zombies! Get the idea? Now how about a gaggle of indie scream queens thrown in to further sweeten the pot? We thought all that would grab your attention, and you'll be getting that and then some with the new short film compilation DVD, Cult Volume 1.

Area 51 Confidential to Premiere in Las Vegas and Oklahoma City

Let's say you're a filmmaker. And let's say you make a film about a certain secret military base that happens to be in Nevada. What better place to premiere that movie than right up the road in Sin City? And that's exactly what the people behind Area 51 Confidential intend to do.

Official Trailer Debut - Explore New Worlds in 15 Till Midnight

Wolfpak Industry Productions and Zeroinside Films have released the full trailer to their latest slice of indie goodness, 15 Till Midnight, and we've nailed down the goods for you right here along with a new poster.

The Locals Poster Debut and Character Collage

The upcoming 80's-set "found footage" cannibal/slasher film The Locals has released its first official poster along with a collage of select "character shots" featuring Tawny Amber Young, Greg Duke, Brandon Slagle, Angie Savage, David Carter-T, and Devanny Pinn.

It's Blair Witch Meets Aliens in Trailer Debut for 051: Confidential

Cinéma-vérité style flicks have been hitting the indie scene hard lately and yet another has come featuring some really spooky shit going on at the most secretive place on Earth ... Area 51! From the Press Release Zeroinside Films and Pinnovating Productions have released the first trailer to their production "051: Confidential".

Killers and Cannibals Spill Blood in The Locals

Found footage. Slashers. Cannibals. Yep, we're in! That's exactly what we're going to be getting from the latest indie flick, The Locals, and we've got casting details and more for you to dig on! From the Press Release

Horror Gets VIViD in New Teaser Trailer

Another indie flick has made its trailer debut, and we've got it and all the details you need for this upcoming terror tale from director Brandon Slagle. His latest film VIViD stars Rachel Grubb, Keith Kraft, Devanny Pinn, Deneen Melody, Katrina Cheri, Tara Cardinal, Bianca Barnett, and even Slagle himself.

Bloody New Stills and Clip - Song of the Shattered

2010 is certainly the year of the woman as yet another tale of female driven rage and revenge is coming our way to rock the indie scene in, Song of the Shattered! Get ready for some new stills and a clip! From the Press Release

Get Ready to Sing the Song of the Shattered

More "woman gets revenge" type mayhem is on tap for the new "psychodrama horror film" getting ready to rock the indie scene, Song of the Shattered, and we have the first details and image for you.

Teaser Trailer Debut: 15 Till Midnight

Even though principal photography just started in mid-April, a teaser trailer for the new indie horror flick 15 Till Midnight has hit online, and it's looking pretty damned interesting.

15 Till Midnight Begins Principal Photography

Never mind 3:15; 15 Till Midnight is looking to be the new time for people to tune in for terror, and now that principal photography is under way, zero hour could arrive before you know it!

15 Till Midnight -- The New Time for Terror

Many consider 3:15 to be the time of night for all manner of spookiness. However, that could all be changing relatively soon now that a new horror film is poised and ready to take over the time slot for terror.