Box Office

Is Gone Already Almost Gone from the Box Office?

Do you realize that the current box office gross of tonight’s likely Best Picture Oscar winner The Artist is still less than how much money The Devil Inside took in just on its opening weekend?

Ghost Rider Flames Out at the President’s Day Weekend Box Office

When a Ghost Rider sequel was announced, most people wondered why. Moviegoers must have been asking the same question judging by the film's middling box office receipts this weekend. Poor Nic Cage might have to sell his soul to Satan to get another hit movie at this point.

Did The Rock vs. Jar Jar Binks vs. The Apex Predator vs. Harry Potter Main Event the Box Office Smackdown this Weekend?

The tag team combinations of Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams and Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds may have ruled the record-breaking box office, but for genre fans it was all about The Rock starring in Brendan Fraser’s sloppy seconds, George Lucas’ continuing efforts to wring every last penny out of the Star Wars brand, and round two between a found footage superpowers movie and a Hammer ghost flick starring Harry Potter.

Harry Potter & the House of Hammer Battles The Adventures of Super Carrie for Box Office Championship

At the time of my writing this box office report, we still don’t know how close the score will be in the big game between the New England Patriots and “the New York football Giants” (as Howard Cosell used to call them), but at the movie Super Bowl this weekend, a one-point difference is about all that separated The Woman in Black and Chronicle for the box office championship.

Box Office: The Grey Sees Green, Underworld Still Awake

It's official: Americans love wolf fighting! It was a weekend where two of the top three films revolved around the notion of a name actor punching, kicking, and shooting lupine creatures of all kinds. Sarah Palin must be so excited today.

Fourth Underworld Reawakens the Box Office

Underworld continues to be one of the most inexplicable franchises out there – like the Resident Evil movies – in that the films in the series are not highly regarded, nothing about the films has achieved any real notoriety within th

Box Office Report: The Devil Implodes

Just how big will the second week drop be? That’s the multi-million dollar question everyone’s been waiting to have answered since The Devil Inside opened to a surprising $34.5 million last weekend and reports coast-to-coast of audiences reacting to the film with a level of open hostility rarely seen in this day and age. The answer: huge.

The Devil Inside Scares Up Big Box Office While Pissing Off Moviegoers Nationwide

After being in a slump for most of 2011, the horror genre roared back to life with The Devil Inside’s surprising $34.5 million box office take thus far. The bad news for Paramount, however, is that their hit has been reportedly getting booed off screens all over the country, has received the ultra-rare “F” Cinemascore, and has pretty much been universally reviled by everyone that doesn’t go by the moniker “Uncle Creepy”.

Breaking Dawn Breaks the Bank at the Box Office

Thank goodness! At last! The horror slump is over at the box office. $30 million dollar midnight screenings! $139.5 million opening weekend! Woo hoo! Horror is ba... Ah, crap! It’s the new Twilight movie!

Paranormal Activity 3 Shatters Records at the Box Office

The box office has been in a slump for several weeks, and horror offerings in particular have been DOA for months. That all changed this weekend when Paranormal Activity 3 not only officially staked its claim as the new reigning king of the Halloween box office, it became the biggest horror movie opening of all time.

The Thing Fails to Take on the Form of a Box Office Hit

Remember the box office report I wrote a few weeks ago in which I complained that some of the horror flops of August/September should have been held until October for a better chance to make some Halloween box office? Well, scratch that theory.

The Reel Estate Market Goes Bust for Dream House at the Box Office

It’s been two weeks since a new horror movie opened to dismal box office results, and despite a cast that includes James Bond, an Oscar-winning actress, and a 6-time Oscar nominee in the director’s chair, Dream House became the latest horror offering to have a nightmarish opening weekend.

Straw Dogs Fails to Make Hay at the Box Office

It’s been such a bad couple of weeks for the horror genre that even movies that aren’t really horror movies being marketed as if they were horror movies can’t cut it at the box office. Somewhere in heaven Sam Peckinpah is having a good laugh at Rod Lurie’s expense.

Contagion Spreads at the Box Office; Creature Breaks Records

After weeks of horror movies dying a quick death at the box office, a chiller about people catching a disease that causes them to die a quick death was the first frightful offering in a long while to take hold of the top slot. Creature, on the other hand…

Shark Night Bites It At The Box Office, Apollo 18 Grounded

Last weekend there was speculation as to how much Hurricane Irene sweeping across the East Coast negatively impacted the box office. Nobody is going to blame Tropical Storm Lee drenching the Gulf Coast region for this weekend’s poor box office.