Exclusive Excerpt from Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 5

It's no secret that many members of the Dread Central staff are big fans of The CW's "Supernatural" so when Titan Books asked if we'd be interested in posting an exclusive extract from its upcoming Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 5, of course we jumped at the chance.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Going Mutant: The Bat Boy Exposed! and a Bat Boy Bobblehead

Everyone's favorite freak, Bat Boy, has a new book out from the Weekly World News team, and to celebrate, the publishers have offered one lucky Dread Central reader not only a copy of Going Mutant: The Bat Boy Exposed! but also a "Bat Boy Wacky Wobbler" collectible from Funko!

Going Mutant: The Bat Boy Exposed! in Stores Now

Everyone's favorite freak, Bat Boy, has a new book out from the Weekly World News team. After 20 years of speculation, Dr. Barry Leed uncovers and reveals the startling private life of one of the world’s most revered mutants! Risking Bat Boy’s wrath, Leed takes us deep into this half-bat/half-boy’s history, all the while giving us insight into the issues near and dear to his heart.

Crazy (Book)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Written by William Peter Blatty

Steve Alten Introducing Readers to the Grim Reaper: End of Days

Forget 6-6-6; this year it's all about 10-10-10, and on that date Variance Publishing and author Steve Alten unleash Grim Reaper: End of Days on an unwitting public. Illustrated by John Toledo, Grim Reaper: End of Days is an apocalyptic tale set in 12-12:

Author Eric S. Brown Ushers in the Season of Death

Eric S. Brown returns to the zombie genre with Season of Death, a hardcover collection of novellas that will leave readers knowing that there is no escape from the flesh-eating hordes who are about to bring an end to the world as we know it.

The Art of District 9: Weta Workshop Now Available for Pre-Order

Were you a fan of Neill Blomkamp's District 9? If so you'll want to check out The Art of District 9: Weta Workshop, which just became available for pre-order and illustrates the guns, the aliens, the vehicles, the graphic language - the whole world of District 9 that was designed and developed at Weta Workshop.

Cover Art and Synopsis for The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries Vol. 1: Origins

Back in the spring of this year we got word about Stefan's Diaries, three new prequel novels in The Vampire Diaries canon based more around the TV series on The CW Network than the books by L.J. Smith, and today we got our first look at the cover art along with a bit more clarification as to what these particular Diaries will be about.

Author A.M. Esmonde Has a Blood Hunger

We know a lot of our readers are always on the lookout for a juicy new horror novel to sink their teeth into, and we recently learned about A.M. Esmonde's first vampire book, Blood Hunger, for which we're happy to pass along a synopsis and trailer.

Clive Barker Reveals the Release Date for Abarat III: Absolute Midnight

Fans of Clive Barker's Books of Abarat have had a long wait since the 2004 publication of Book #2 in the series, Days of Magic, Nights of War, but the author/artist has revealed when we might see Book #3, Absolute Midnight. Unfortunately it's still at least a year or so away.

Stephen M Irwin Talks The Dead Path, the Green Man, and Spiders!

On October 5, 2010, Doubleday will be releasing one of THE scariest books I have had the privilege of reading so far this year. The book, The Dead Path, is already available in the UK (under the title The Darkening) and Australia. Dread Central recently had the great good fortune to speak with the author about his first book (this guy comes out swinging!), and as is almost always the case with Aussies, he was gracious, hilarious and someone whose future works I look forward to reading.

Scott Sigler Talks Ancestor and Hard Science Horror Writing

In the last few years, with the advent of mp3 players and smart phones, the portability of media has led to a new medium in the realm of fiction: podcast fiction. Authors who want to share their work have serialized and even full cast dramatized their stories and released them for free to the masses. They do it for various reasons, but many -- if not most -- hope to one day become published authors. And in that growing community horror author Scott Sigler stands out as the gold standard to which most others aspire.