Blu-ray News

Fox/MGM Dropping Horror on Blu-ray By the Bundle - Hannibal, Last House on the Left, Manhunter, Poltergeist II: The Other Side and RoboCop 2.

Get ready to break your banks, videophiles. Just in time for Halloween the lion is roaring out the classics! On top for the high definition treatment - Hannibal, Last House on the Left, Manhunter, Poltergeist II: The Other Side and RoboCop 2.

Three Blu-ray Clips from the Original Straw Dogs

Three new clips from the Blu-ray of the original Sam Peckinpah classic Straw Dogs have arrived, and we've got all of 'em right here waiting for you to feast upon! Dig it!

Evil Dead 2 Blu-ray Complete List of Special Features and Technical Specs

A few days ago we told you that we're getting another Blu-ray of Sam Raimi's classic Evil Dead 2. This is necessary. For whatever reason, Anchor Bay's high definition release from a few years back was a true disaster.

Animated New Tucker & Dale vs. Evil One-Sheet

Can't get enough Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (review here)? Yeah, we can't either. The flick is just incredibly badass, and now there's a new one-sheet that equals its inherent badassery!

Film4 Frightfest 2011: Adam Green and Joe Lynch's Chillerama Special

Chillerama made its debut at last week's Film4 FrightFest, and from what we hear, it was a smashing success! Two of the directors, Adam Green and Joe Lynch, were on hand with the lovely Kristina Klebe to intro the movie, and as per usual hijinx ensued. Check out the video!

Official! The Original Fright Night Coming to Blu-ray!

Here at Dread Central we don't screw around. When word broke of a possible Fright Night Blu-ray coming later this year, we went straight to work and now bring you the exclusive first word!

The Original Fright Night Hitting Blu-ray in December?

Since the remake of Fright Night slipped into theatres, the question on every fan's mind has been the same ... "Where the hell is the Blu-ray of the original?" Sit tight, kids! It sounds as if an announcement is on the horizon.

The Walking Dead - Greg Nicotero Talks the Art of Zombie Making

In case you don't know, and shame on you if you don't, there's a new special edition of "The Walking Dead" on DVD and Blu-ray coming from Anchor Bay Entertainment, and the powers-that-be just sent over a nifty gore-filled behind-the-scenes featurette for you cats to dig on!

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn Goes Blu-ray ... Again!

Can't get enough Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn? Already own 75 copies on 8-track, Cassette, LP, Beta, VHS, VCD, Laserdisc, DVD, Blu-ray, and Viewmaster? Well then, you need to get your hands on at least one more!

Dark Night of the Scarecrow Coming to Blu-ray

Now this ... this makes us very happy. The original hard-to-find classic flick Dark Night of the Scarecrow is finally ready to make its high definition debut, and we've got everything you need to know about what to expect right here!

Image Bringing the Original Phantom of the Opera to Blu-ray

There are few films more revered than Rupert Julian's silent Lon Chaney starrer, Phantom of the Opera. The film just bleeds the word "classic", and with Image Entertainment behind the Blu-ray release, you know the upcoming release is in good hands.

Chainsaw Swinging Fun in New Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Clip

As we continue to drown in video content today, we have yet another bit of eye candy that's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Not that you shouldn't be smiling already. It is Friday after all.

Rare Print of the Original Godzilla Found! Criterion DVD and Blu-ray on its Way!

You see now, news like this? You cannot imagine how happy it makes us to share it with you. For years the Criterion Collection has been the gold standard in home video releases. The true mark of excellence. Now not only is Godzilla getting the royal Criterion treatment, but a rare print has been discovered that will be the icing on the cake!

Official Artwork and Specs: The Howling Reborn

Just yesterday I got a strange text from Matt Fini (Masked Slasher) pleading with me to let him review The Howling Reborn. Your wish is my command. Dig on the specs of what you're in for!

New Chillerama Still Feeds Your Frankenstein

A new still from the upcoming fun-loving horror anthology Chillerama has slipped online, offering fans their first look at Kane Hodder as the Frankenstein monster in Adam Green's segment, "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein". Dig it!