Blu-ray News

Chronicle Takes Flight on UK DVD and Blu-ray May 28th

Following a much-deserved surprise success in multiplexes around the globe, budding super-villains across the UK will be pleased to hear that Chronicle will be making its UK DVD and Blu-ray debut courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox on May 28th.

Official Aggression Scale Trailer Takes Aim

With its May release rapidly approaching, we've got the official trailer for Steven C. Miller's latest film The Aggression Scale on tap, and believe us, kids; it means business!

The FP Grinds its Way Home

If you've never heard of The FP, believe us when we tell you the flick kind of defies description. Thankfully it's coming to Blu-ray and DVD soon via Image Entertainment so you'll be able to see it for yourselves.

Fifth Mother's Day Clip Shatters a Cardinal Rule

Mothers, probably more than fathers, are there throughout our lives to catch us when we fall, nurture us when we need it and most of all ... punish us when we are bad. That's why, kids, you should always follow the rules!

A Serbian Film Finally Hitting Home Completely Uncut

For those of you upset that A Serbian Film hit Blu-ray and DVD earlier this year in an edited down version, we've got an explanation and even some good news for you. Read on, sickos!

Coolest Innkeepers Viral Yet!

We get sent a lot of stuff here at Dread Central, but this? This may well take the cake. In honor of The Innkeepers hitting Blu-ray and DVD on April 24th, we got a neat little package in the mail today that blew us away.

Another Doomsday Prophecy on the Horizon

Some say a comet will fall from the sky. Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves. Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still. Followed by millions of dumbfounded dipshits. Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon.

Exclusive Interview: Jason London Talks The Terror Experiment, Future Projects and More

With The Terror Experiment's DVD and Blu-ray release this week, Dread Central chatted with star Jason London about his experience making the indie horror flick as well as tackling the more physical aspects of his role and becoming a reluctant hero along the way.

Exclusive Interview: George and Alexander Mendeluk Discuss Their Terror Experiment

For his new flick The Terror Experiment, director George Mendeluk relied on his son Alexander’s horror movie sensibilities as well as the terrifying true events of 9/11 for inspiration, and Dread Central recently had the opportunity to chat with them both.

New Clips from Mother's Day Teach a Painful Lesson

Sometimes the best lessons we learn in life are the most painful. That's just the case in these latest clips from the long awaited release of Darren Lynn Bousman's modern take on the old Troma classic Mother's Day! Dig it!

Jaws on Blu-ray - Everything You NEED to Know

We've waited patiently. The barrels have popped up in the distance. A huge fin is speeding at us like a torpedo. The original classic film Jaws is headed to Blu-ray. Smile, you sonovabitch!

The Shout! Factory Digs Up Steve Niles' Remains

Finally Chiller TV's presentation of Steve Niles' zombie saga Remains is rotting its way home complete and uncut. Know what that means? More undead carnage! Oh, how we love that kind of stuff!

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Ready to Burn Up Blu-ray and DVD

The Rider is blazing his way home all full of fire piss (literally) and vinegar, and we've got the artwork and specs you're curious about. That being said, start your engines, kids. Time to hit the road.

Get Ready for Some Playback in May!

The Michael A. Nickles spooker Playback is on its way to DVD and Blu-ray, and we've get all the details regarding whether you'll watch or just fast forward to the chills. Read on!

Get Aggressive With These new Stills from The Aggression Scale

It's Monday. There's a long week ahead of you and everything at this moments generally sucks. We totally get that. So how about a few new stills from The Aggression Scale to make you feel a bit better?