Billy Brown

There's No Escaping the New Dexter Season 7 Trailer

Ready for your first good look at the upcoming Season 7 of "Dexter" on Showtime? The full official trailer for the new season has arrived, and of course we have it for you right here. Just remember - no one escapes the dark passenger!

Another Version of the New Dexter Season 7 Poster; Full Synopsis of Episode 7.01 - Are You...?

A banner-style version of the new "Dexter" Season 7 promo poster was posted on the show's Facebook page, and along with a look at it we have the full official synopsis of Episode 7.01, entitled "Are You...?"

Preview Clips from Dexter Episode 6.10 - Ricochet Rabbit

Well, last night's episode of "Dexter" certainly cleared up a few things! Now that he knows Travis' deep dark secret, how will Dexter proceed with ridding him of his Dark Passenger? Something tells us it won't be exactly how Brother Sam would have wanted it. Read on for more details and a few clips from the upcoming Episode 6.10, "Ricochet Rabbit", as well as a video chat with writer and showrunner Scott Buck about the previous ep, "Get Gellar".

Dexter Turns the Lights Out For Billy Brown

More casting news coming in for the next season of Showtime's killer television hit show, "Dexter". No bit parts here either (though we know Dexter himself is quite fond of bit parts), we're talking about a key role that has been filled. Read on for details.