B-Sides: Eegah! It’s Arch Hall, Jr.

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B-Sides: Eegah! It's Arch Hall, Jr.It’s not easy being a 1960’s teen idol, especially when you’re trying to sing a romantic song about the girl you love in a low budget b-movie about a rampaging caveman. Arch Hall, Jr., gives it his all crooning a love song about his lady love, Valerie, even though his lady love was actually named Roxy.

Eegah is a classic of bad cinema whose legacy was fully cemented when it was immortalized on “Mystery Science Theater 3000”. Arch Hall, Sr.’s attempt to turn his son, Arch Hall, Jr., into a matinee idol in this music-filled mix of teenage drama and monster movie may be the source of much ridicule today, but given what a financial hit the $15,000 movie was back in 1962, it’s easy to say they got the real last laugh.

Throughout the film Junior performs romantic numbers about girls named “Vicky” and “Valerie”. That his girlfriend’s name is Roxy probably explains why she’s not completely mortified when a lovesick caveman starts showing her some affection.

From the 1962 masterwork of schlock we call Eegah, here’s Arch Hall, Jr., and his magical guitar that also creates the sound of other instruments and back-up singers singing about a girl named “Valerie.”

B-Sides: Eegah! It's Arch Hall, Jr.

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