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B-Sides: Green Slime Screaming ‘Cross Your Mind



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A trippy, late 1960’s rock song that blends acid rock with an Etherwave theremin has the potential to be awesome as is. Make that song about killer green slime from outer space, and you have one of the greatest B-Sides of all time. It’s Green Slime time!

A year after Stanley Kubrick brought the world the masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey, celebrated Japanese filmmaker Kinju Fukasaku gave us the bad movie masterpiece The Green Slime. This 1969 US-Japanese co-production dealt with a space station’s encounter with an asteroid covered with a green slime; samples brought back to the station grow into rubbery green cyclopean monsters with electrocuting tentacles, the likes of which would make even the first incarnations of Doctor Who chortle in disbelief.

The Green Slime is widely hailed as one of the most entertaining bad movies of all time and was the first movie “Mystery Science Theater 3000” roasted back in its days before airing on Comedy Central. What’s not to love? Astronauts, scientists, and sexy Italian nurses on a model space station fighting green rubber eyeball monsters with flailing, electrified tentacles played by Japanese schoolchildren in goofy costumes.

One of the keys to The Green Slime’s endearing legacy as a b-movie favorite is its one-of-a-kind theme song by Charles Fox. All one need do is watch this custom made music video, and it should be abundantly clear why both this memorably kooky song and the movie from which it hails are the stuff bad movie classics are made of.

Is it something in your head?

Will you believe it when you’re dead?

Nope, it’s just… GREEN SLIME!

B-Sides: Green Slime Screaming 'Cross Your Mind

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